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poster 2013

  • Looping Brothers
  • Stringtime
  • Downhill
  • East-West
  • Rocks & Ivy
  • Hillbilly Boogieman
  • Barnyard Fury
  • Growling Old Men
  • Kristy Cox
  • MR. Delray The Jukebox Cowboy and Friends
the blue grass boogiemen

Blue Grass Boogiemen

The Blue Grass Boogiemen are playing traditional bluegrass professionally since 1990. As the Hillbilly Boogiemen, they also play rockabilly and country, but as the Blue Grass Boogiemen they play strictly acoustic instruments standing around just one omni-directional microphone. Their show has proved to be very successful here in Europe. In Ireland they won the 'Waterford Crystal Bowl' for 'most popular band' at the Guinness International Bluegrass Festival, in Holland they won the 'Silver Fiddle Award' and the 'Gram Parsons Award' (eight times) both for best acoustic country/bluegrass band, and beat Alison Krauss to the number one spot in the 'Strictly Country' charts. 
Also in America, where they've been touring several times, people are very enthousiastic about their music.

The worldfamous fiddler Byron Berline once wrote: 'Your band was singled out as one of our 'don't miss', 'please have them back' and 'we love them' groups...' after they appeared at his international bluegrass festival in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Publications like 'The Washington Post', 'Bluegrass Europe', 'Bluegrass Now', or 'Bluegrass Unlimited' praise the musical skills of this band.

east west


East-West is a band from Slovakia and the Czech Republic founded in 2011. They play mostly modern bluegrass music influenced by other genres like folk music, new acoustic music, jazz etc. Their set list contains original songs and instrumentals as well as innovatively interpreted covers of some well known songs. Although the band is quite new, the musicians are well established personalities in European bluegrass music scene.

Filip Baťo (banjo)is a very talented multi-instrumentalist. He teaches banjo at bluegrass workshops. Filip recorded his own CD with original compositions and played with very successful Slovak band Meantime.

Michal Vavro (guitar, lead and harmony vocals)is a great musician who also deals with classical and folk music. He played with the famous Slovak band Fragment, recorded 2 CDs of his own compositions with Acoustic Colors project. Michal is very demanded guitar teacher at bluegrass workshops.

Ondra Kozák (mandolin, lead and harmony vocals) is another multi-instrumentalist in the band. He plays guitar with the band Fragment, he played guitar and fiddle with succesful Czech bands Křeni a Petr Brandejs Band. Ondra regularly teaches guitar at bluegrass workshops, he recorded 2 instructional guitar DVDs.

Erik Banič (bass, harmony vocals) is a very talented bass player who originally played mandolin and guitar in many bands. He also plays bass with another Czech-Slovak bluegrass band Rough and Rocky Road.

Downhill bluegrass band

Downhill Bluegrass Band

Downhill Bluegrass Band from Sweden are one of Europe’s most prodigious and respected bluegrass bands. They are a sixpiece band with full instrumental lineup and are known for their song writing skills, extraordinary instrumentalists and vocalists.They are highly regarded in both Europe and the USA, where they have toured several times since the band started in 1998. The band keeps the legacy and tradition in bluegrass, giving it a modern flare by exceptional song writing and performance.

Downhill originates from a part of Sweden that, historically as well as today, is marked by the mining industry and agriculture in poor soil, with cold winters and short summers. These life conditions have common grounds with Appalachian cultures, where Bluegrass music originates. This is evident in Downhill’s music.

Barnyard Fury

Barnyard Fury

Barnyard Fury is a rock based band with acoustic instruments, wildly mixing Punk, Rock, Ska, Blues and Bluegrass, a delightful mixture of covers and original material, so familiar and yet not. The Band has six regular members, most of them born and raised in the southern part of the Dalarna-region, where the mighty Dal River slows down through the forests and farmlands on its way to the sea. If you listen carefully you can actually hear the trees, the fields, and the river echoing in the music. The area is also known for its steel mills and some say that you can hear them too.This is a band at their best live on stage, furiously delivering the music of a lifetime before a stunned audience. They have done a lot of touring in the past, playing at festivals and other events around Sweden and they have also done a few gigs abroad, notably in Egypt.

So get yourself ready for a new musical experience. It’s hard not to like it!



At the GrevenGrass Festival Wouter Pothoven is replaced by one of the finest bluegrass musicians in Holland, Kevin Lynch (US). Stringtime consists of 5 musicians who met each other regularly at picking party's in the Netherlands. On the EWOB* in 2010, singer and mandolin player Hans Kelderhuis had the desire to create a new bluegrass band. In October of that year Stringtime was founded. Soon several appearances followed. The band for instance played gigs in Leiden, Groningen, Emmen, Spijkerboor, Hoogeveen and Bergen (Norway). They have been to Greven as well, however hiding as "audience" and playing at the jam sessions in the Camp, so we know them already!

Stringtime plays traditional bluegrass with uptempo songs and beautiful ballads. Some of the main features of Stringtime are their harmony-vocals and the enthousiasm on stage. The band gets their inspiration listening to the music of the Chapmans, the Gibson Brothers, Lazy Tater, the Dillards, the Johnson Mountain Boys and many others.

* EWOB = European World of Bluegrass Festival

Growling Old Men

Growling Old Men

The Growling Old Men is a trans-Atlantic string band collaboration, and a genuine celebration of tradition and experimentation. The band is based around the western American duo of Ben Winship (mandolin & vocals) and John Lowell (guitar & vocals) who have been touring and recording together since 1998. They sing like brothers and are both masters of their instruments, as well as well-respected songwriters. Their music is a collection of original and traditional bluegrass songs, ballads and tunes – informed equally by the Appalachian hills and the western plains.

With the addition of British musicians Leon Hunt (banjo) and Ben Somers (bass & vocals), the music takes on several new dimensions – making it bigger than the sum of its parts. What was once an intimate duo is now a hard driving bluegrass band; Huntʼs repertoire of Celtic instrumentals become fiery showcases of rhythm and improvisation; and who knows, Somers might even break out his clarinet if the spirit moves him.

“Lowell and Winshipʼs gentle, laid back approach to Bluegrass and Old-Time music combined with Hunt and Somer's smooth arrangements of Irish and American tunes is a match made in heaven!" – John Wirtz. In concert the Growling Old Men are engaging and spontaneous. Their shows include a blend of well-rehearsed material and few new songs hot off the press – they like to walk the edge of improvisational risk taking. They strive to contrast simplicity with complexity – all with good tone and a warm sense of humor.

Festivals, concerts and workshops have led these minstrels both near and far – from hometown cafes to A Prairie Home Companion, from Canada to the Shetland Islands. In 1998 the self-titled Growling Old Men was released, followed by Occupational Hazards in 2005 and Shuttle Diplomacy (featuring Leon Hunt) in 2008. Their newest CD, due out in the summer of 2013 is currently in production.

looping brothers

The Looping Brothers

They have played each GrevenGrass festival so far and we have called them our „house band“.

The Looping Brothers say that they felt at home here in Greven right from the start:

“We are amazed to see it grow from year to year. It’s a place both for the local and the international Bluegrass scene! We are proud and happy to be back in 2013."

The music of the Looping Brothers is real bluegrass music, complete with the sounds of guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and bass. Your ear will be tickled with the high lonesome sounds of the Appalachian mountains and the hillbilly backwoods and you’ll feel immediately at home with the authenticity of the music, but your ears will also savor a flavor of Westphalian humor as the trio winds its way through melodies and songs. In the fiddle tunes and breakdowns and the soulful songs of the mountains you’ll be impressed by the tasteful licks and the tight harmonies for which the Looping Brothers are known and recognized all across Europe and in the USA. The Loopings love American bluegrass of the 1940s and 1950s, so you’ll be hearing many of those classic tunes. In addition to some mighty fine originals, expect selections by folks like the Carter Family, the Louvin Brothers, Charlie and Bill Monroe, Vernon Dalhart and Benny Williams. It will all be a lot of fun!

Mr. Delray

Mr. Delray

GrevenGrass 2012. During the breaks, when the stage was prepared for the next gig, a guitar player and singer performed. He was unknown to most of the audience. I just have to tell you, all the ladies hearts melted! Ok, it has not been Bluegrass, but it has not been the schmaltzy country songs, it has been authentic old songs.

Gerrit Biesterbos, alias Mr. Delray fascinates with his soft and distinctive voice. A man and a guitar, you don't need more! His singing is authentic and reminds you of the old heroes of old time music. His repertoire comprises newer songs as well. The diversity of his repertoire made him the "The Jukebox Cowboy". The name Mr. Delray derives from the 58' Chevrolet Delray, which is the pride of Gerrit. In 2012 this Chevy stood in front of the stage during the Matinee.

'Why don't you let him play at the Festival?' we have been ask several times. Here is the solution, Gerrit will play a short set on saturday and the matinee on sunday. Be sure he wan't play alone for the whole time, some bluegrassers will join him! Look forward to Mr. Delray!

rocks Ivy

Rocks & Ivy

Watching a concert by Rocks & Ivy is one of those rare experiences. Rare because it's real.

Though based in Europe, some seven thousand kilometres away from the home of Bluegrass, Rocks & Ivy still deliver an authentic experience devoid of the usual clichés and traps that many European artists with a taste for Americana fall into. They play straight, they play with groove and they play in the pocket.

Hailing from various parts of Belgium and the Netherlands, Rocks & Ivy is a band that have been honing their talents for many years prior to coming together. Having done their time in various different outfits from Country to Swing to Cajun, and of course as members in some of the most prominent Bluegrass acts Europe has known, each musician of Rock & Ivy has developed their particular instrument to flawless standards. Crisp and clean virtuosity, all executed on some of the most beautifully sounding acoustic instruments you are likely to hear.

Listening to Rocks & Ivy, one can't help but feel a vitality to what they do. They do not deny the Bluegrass tradition; rail-roads are still being built, love is still proclaimed and lost, there may even be some songs of the rural south. However, their music is played with a contemporary freshness and feeling that comes from a love of the music itself before anything else. This isn't five guys lamenting the 'good old days' of the Grand 'Ole Opry, cowboy hats and Martha White Flower adverts, this is five musicians just doing what they love; playing music that means something to them and playing it well.

kristy cox

Kristy Cox

She is well known in Australia since a long time. Even as a young girl she got a lot of awards and nominations of country music. Her songs are often listed in the australian charts. After months of barroom gigs, Kristy decided to pursue a singing career in the direction of acoustic music, which was heavily influenced by her travels overseas and being exposed to such artists as Lee Ann Womack, Patty Loveless, Rhonda Vincent and Alecia Nugent. Her last album 'miles and timezones precisely shows this change.

This talented South Australian girl’s bright personality has seen her take home five Victorian & National Country Music Awards in 2011 with her previous album ‘Breaking New Ground’, including Victorian Entertainer of the Year in her new home state. Credited for her performance and song writing capabilities, Kristy has been a finalist for the Australian Country Songwriter in 2011. The best prerequisites for a gig at the GrevenGrass! Be overwhelmed of the enchanting singing and the charming Kristy Cox. By the way, the fiddle and mandolin player in her band is no one else than Lachlan Davidson. Lachlan had been to GrevenGrass two years ago with his band Davidson Brothers. We are happy to have him here again!


Grevengrass Poster 2018


    • Old Time Hayride
    • Hillfillies
    • Folktown
    • The Silverettes
    • Steam Power
    • The Red Herring
    • Hanny Hill & Blue Night



Old Time Hayride

Old Time Hayride

Erwin and Simon first crossed musical paths in 2010 at the EWOB festival (European World of Bluegrass) at a guitar workshop where they had the chance to collaborate for the very first time. It proved to be the very first of many collaboration's to come.

The boys discovered their mutual passion for traditional Bluegrass music. Their combined Musical Style is deeply rooted in the Appalachian Hills of Virginia and Kentucky. This mountain style music has since been their biggest bond and fomented the inception of Old Time Hayride. Bringing the sound of the Stanley Brothers, Charlie and Bill Monroe, Lonesome Pine Fiddlers and many of the other Pioneering icons of Early Bluegrass Music.

Though their choice of repertoire is "old-timey" their authentic style is not considered Old Time music. The band name assimilates the old country music show names of the 30's 40's and 50's out of the Bluegrass Hey Days, likened unto such as the Louisiana Hayride", a well-known famous collaboration that made popular radio broadcast throughout the 1940's and 50's.

Erwin is from the town of Enter, in the Netherlands, his part is playing the mandolin and guitar, and lead vocals. His strong Baritone voice is the perfect addition to Simon's high Tenor background singing. Simon is from Hamburg, Germany. His part is playing rhythm and backbone on Guitar.

Old Time Hayride is all about the fervor of these two country Gentlemen for the heartfelt Appalachian mountain style of singing and playing their stirring live performances. Their second performance at the EWOB netted

More information: Old Time Hayride


Swedish bluegrass band with a passion for vocal harmonies, Americana/ folkmusic and a little bit of glamour….

Hillfillies, consists of Lina Gamble (guitar/ dobro), Anne Christenson (banjo), Kajsa Westin (double bass) and Edith Lundahl (Mandolin).

The “Hillfillie sound” has been much praised by the audience who love their mixture of modern female harmony vocals and classical bluegrass instruments. Hillfillies´ repertoire includes traditional bluegrass/ country songs, and many original compositions.

Since the debut album, “Just passing through” released in 2007, Hillfillies have played all the big bluegrass venues in Sweden and toured in Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, France and the UK.  Their latest CD, “There she goes”-14, got splendid reviews and include many original songs as well as some of Hillfillies favourite covers.


"This album is a must for your CD-collection" "..a wonderful example of Bluegrass heaven!" "…impressive originals" "…lovely, tuneful songs that incorporate effective instrumental lines and gorgeous vocal harmonies" "..Hillfillies delivery on each track is faultless" "..the band maintain high standards throughout this album, using expressive, gentle but confident and honest bluegrass musicianship" (British Bluegrass Music Association)"

"Buy this CD if you like bluegrass singing with excellent harmonies, you won't be disappointed!" (Smalands Countryclub) "

"One of the best bluegrass bands in Sweden!"There She Goes" is really high level bluegrass!" (Countrywood)"

More Information: Hillfillies



This Swedish band build their sound and repertoire around the songwriting of Steve Ericsson. Although Steve always has been close to Americana music - his songwriting has lately been more geared towards bluegrass music. Touring in USA and Europe with American artists has given Steve a solid understanding of the American folk, rock and pop music.

With the sound of the banjo playing of Anders Ternesten, FOLKTOWN definitely delivers modern bluegrass music, but you will hear influences from other kinds of folk and pop music as well. The band focus on great lead and harmony singing.

More Information: Folktown

The Silverettes

Rockabilly at its finest! ... This brilliant development was not foreseeable when the ladies initially got together as the background choir of the Rock’n’Roll ensamble The Golden Boys. In 2010 the Silverettes got independent and four years later, the splendid titled debut "Real Rock ' n ' Roll Chicks" could be found in real and digital stores. After appearances in the support act program of relevant acts like Dick Brave & the Backbeats, Boppin' B. or the BossHoss, the troop was quickly considered as an insider tip. With perfectly three-voice vocals the triumvirate mastered the leap from support to Headline act. An absolute novelty in rock ' n ' roll. Especially since the current rockabilly scene is still only too happy to hold on to overcome role clichés: still more than a few of the fussy pomaded hair quiff wearers think of women as solely ornamental art. In this respect, the Silverettes “Talk Dirty” can also be seen as a contribution to emancipation.

More Information: The Silverettes
Steam Power

Steam Power

Four kindred spirits in a musical meeting. From Thorshavn to an old barn in the light of the blue moon the steam engine picks up speed. Along the way on a bed of strings stories are told and melodies are shared. Looking for the purest note on a journey that never ends. All band members take their turn as lead- singers, and all band members have done their part in composing the music they play. These musicians all plaid literally most anywhere and can be heard on many albums. In the scene hey've worked with Bill Clifton and his band, Lou Reid & Carolina, 4Wheel Drive, Blue Grass Boogie Men, Si Kahn, Looping Brothers, and many more, as well as excuisit names outside the scene, like Magna Carta, Sean Shehan, Iain Matthews, and inside the Netherlands with many, many more. But it is without the big names that the magic really happens. Steam Power plays original bluegrass and bluegrass influenced repertoire – for some songs review writers even called it ‘blues-grass’ - with beautiful lyrics and instrumental virtuosity. Their album titled ‘Steampower’ received the finest comments they ever could have asked for.

More information: Steam Power
Red Herring

The Red Herring

Folk roots, americana, murder ballads, love songs, and kickass tunes

Red Herring is knee deep in the roots tradition, while firmly rooted in modern times. Whether it be folk, bluegrass, country, or americana, the Herrings can make their home in any of these styles. Red Herring shares musical stories, age-old traditional tunes, original compositions, flaming improvized solo breaks, intense vocal harmonies, and an open and honest atmosphere in which audience members can feel free to be emotionally moved or just have fun. What started out in 2012 as a duo with Arthur Deighton (Deighton Family Band, Kids on the Mountain) and Joram Peeters (Meilof, Throat Wobbler Mangrove) quickly became a trio after they asked Loes van Schaijk (Waterflow, Lucy & The Man) to be a guest musician on their first studio album, The Mountain Valley Sessions (2013). At the time of their second album, Live At Volver (2014), the three musicians and their instruments—including an 1.80 meters long double bass and a 2 metres tall fiddle player—got around in a Ford Focus. But who would have thought that they would be able to fit a fourth multi-instrumentalist into that car? As had happened with Loes before him, Dutch bluegrass legend Paul van Vlodrop (who has shared the stage with the likes of Byron Berline, Bill Keith, and Vince Gill in his 40 year track record as a musician) was originally hired as a guest musician for Red Herring’s third album Here To Distract You (expected: September 2017) but decided to stick around. Now that’s what you call a good catch, right? Personnel Arthur Deighton - vocals, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki Joram Peeters - vocals, fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki Paul van Vlodrop - vocals, 5-string banjo, mandolin, guitar Loes van Schaijk - vocals, double bass Discography The Mountain Valley Sessions (2013) ... an album for the attentive listener looking for good stories. Forget about Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers, this is the real thing! - indebanvan.nl Live At Volver (2014) ... Red Herring are a Dutch band that tip their combined hats at bluegrass and trad in a way only European string bands can. Unrestricted by the genre police they drift through all our favorite acoustic styles on this 13 track studio-recorded ‘live’ album - lonesome highway Here To Distract You (expected September 2017) ... access the press release for our third album by clicking here... Awards #1 audience appreciation award Bluegrass Beeg 2014 #2 audience appreciation award European World of Bluegrass 2015.

More Information: Red Hering
Hanny Hill

Hanny Hill & Blue Night

Bluegrass From the RhinelandThe banjo rolls, the mandolin sounds dance, the acoustic guitar and the bass provide the perfect rhythm. Then comes lead singer Hanny Hill with her clear, dynamic voice. She's pushing the boys forward.

"Hanny Hill & Blue Night" Bluegrass-Music dedicated to this with the Sound that is at home in North Carolina and Kentucky and has now conquered the whole world. The band from the Rhineland plays the music for many years and places value on clear, polyphonic vocals.

Suddenly you have the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in mind, Juicy meadows and smoky Bars, lonely cowboys and beguiling saloon girls. And the five have lots of pop songs in their luggage, which they Bluegrass-style have arranged: Michaels Jackson's "Billie Jean" or John Travoltas "You ´ re The One That I Want".

"Hanny Hill & Blue Night"-suddenly you feel the carefreeness of the perfect summer day: A wooden house in North Carolina, the gentle wind from the south and the loosely beaded BluegrassSound.

More Information: Hanny Hill & Blue Night
looping brothers

Looping Brothers (D)

Many speak today of the roots of American music, whose Einflüsse famously once again be proven in rock, pop and jazz read. But where can you listen to live music, which live on the sound of the forties & fifties is in pristine tradition? Where are the High-Lonesome sound of the Hillbillies, the fiddles & banjo of old country music and the unique harmonies of the old brother duets? The "looping brothers" committed to this music and virtuosic take on the stages of Europe and the United States. There are original fiddle tunes and banjo breakdowns to hear mandolin, guitar and double bass are used. Impressive old tunes of forgotten Mountainsongs mixed with congenial compositions to a repertoire that is particularly appreciated by true connoisseurs of the genre. To be observed is the perfect harmony vocals of musicians who look back on many years of professional experience.

The "looping brothers" - that is high-quality acoustic music to listen to and enjoy, not only for the lovers of country and folk music.

Ulli Sieker, 1958, Germany

Ulli Sieker is one of the founding fathers of Bluegrass style in Germany and one of the first European Bluegrass LP brought out with his previous band "Bluegrass Express" already in the 70s it. Ulli is one of the (very rare) masters of Bluegrass fiddle, as well as the mandolin in this country. His expressive style and not copy sound shines in the classics of the breakdowns and Fiddletunes, but also in a variety of original compositions.

Matthias Malcher, 1961, Germany

inspired by the Carter family, Lester Flatt, Doc Watson, Merle Travis and others was from the country blues and Ragtime guitarist Matthias Malcher at the end of the 70s immediately a bluegrass guitarist and banjo player. The meeting made the wall with Ulli Sieker and the band "Bluegrass Express"...

The encounter made perfect with Ulli Sieker

and the band "Bluegrass-Express" the change and it began a musical partnership with Ulli Sieker, that continues to this day since the early 80's. M and Sameer played with "Bluegrass express" in Northern and Western Germany and are also in the Group of 'GroundSpeed' not to divide. As a musical Duo "Looping Brothers", the two toured extensively including through England, Scotland, Ireland and North America. Matthias Malcher plays a whiptail dynamic rhythm guitar in the style of the music's founding generation. In between, he boasts tasteful small breaks or surprised by Intros in the authentic U.S.-Gospel-guitar-style.

Ralf Strotmann, Germany

after many years of experience as a drummer and percussionist, as well as bassist in various pop, rock and jazz bands, Ralf Strotmann has connected the looping brothers. Matthias and Ralf had cooperated in various projects at this point. Ralf has his love of folk and Bluegrassmusik discovered and now provides the secure backbone for slow ballads, such as including the unflinching clock for the often halsbrechwerisch fast "breakdowns". With the looping brothers you can look forward to an atmospherically dense concert with artistic mastery of the instrument and perfectly coordinated, often 3-part vocal harmonies.

More Information: Looping Brothers
BG Boogiemen

Blue Grass Boogieman (NL)

‘HIGH-ENERGY BLUEGRASS AT ITS FINEST’ (Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine, USA)

Bluegrass from the Netherlands?

Bluegrass. 1751. Being any of several American grasses of the Poa genus and having a bluish cast, earlier called Dutch grass (1671). (Source: ‘I hear America talking; an illustrated history of American words and phrases’ by Stuard Berg Flexner)

We are the Blue Grass Boogiemen from Holland. We’ve been playing bluegrass (and as the Hillbilly Boogiemen vintage country and rockabilly as well) professionally since 1990. Our line up consists of mandolin, banjo, guitar, upright bass and fiddle and we play and sing using an omni-directional microphone.Our show has proved to be very successful all over Europe. For instance in Ireland where we won the “Waterford Crystal Bowl” for “Most popular band” at the “Guinness International Bluegrass Festival”, but also in England, France, Germany and Switzerland where we played some major roots-, bluegrass-, rock’n’roll-, americana- and countryfestivals. And of course also here in our native Holland where we won the “Silver Fiddle Award” and for the 8th time the “Gram Parsons Award” both for “Best acoustic country/bluegrass band” and once beat Alison Krauss to the number one spot in the “Strictly Country” charts. When we played at the “European World of Bluegrass”- festival in Voorthuizen, Holland, we were voted “Most popular band”. So the style experts already agree that we’re doing a fine job, but what sets us apart from other bluegrass acts is the fact that we’ve also played quite a few pop- and (alternative) rockclubs and festivals, sharing the stages with acts as diverse as Iggy Pop to Status Quo, bringing bluegrass to totally new audiences. For an impression, here’s a link to a recent performance at the launchparty of one of Holland’s biggest festivals ‘Lowlands’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?

Our show has also proved very succesful in America, were we’ve toured 7 times so far. We shared the stage with some of the greats of country- and bluegrassmusic (such as Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, the Osborne Brothers, Jim and Jesse) and also backed up Chris Hillman and Rose Maddox. Fiddler Byron Berline once wrote: “Your band was singled out as one of our ‘don’t miss’, ‘please have them back’ and ‘we love them’ groups…” after we appeared at his international bluegrass festival in Guthrie, Oklahoma, for the first time. Since then we’ve played his festival many times. Even the Washington Post did an article on us which wrote: “…the Boogiemen mimicked American music icons with absolute accuracy and joy…” and “Mandolinist Arnold Lasseur did Bill Monroe proud…” after we played in Arlington, Virginia.

More Information: Blue Grass Boogieman
Heiko Ahrend Band

Heiko Ahrend Band (D)

Since his childhood, Heiko has been on stage. At the age of 10, he began playing in a band with his two older brothers, Sievert and Hendrik, who instantly recognized his talent on the guitar and encouraged him. After high school, he moved to southern Germany and played in different bluegrass and country bands. He collected experience in Europe and in the USA, where he won a youth competition along with the band Sacred Sounds of Grass in 1990. By spending time with Jimmy Martin, Heiko was influenced deeply.

Since Heiko returned to northern Germany, he plays together with Hendrik in their new band, Heiko Ahrend Bluegrass band. The style of music was clear from the beginning. It connected them for centuries: Bluegrass music with powerful rythym and High Lonesome Sound.

More Information: Heiko Ahrend Band

Die McGee New Hampshire, USA

The White Mountain Bluegrass Band from New Hampshire, USA, has toured extensively throughout Europe many times. They showed us what traditional bluegrass music is really all about: heartfelt ‘mountain’ singing with beautiful harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, and a very friendly atmosphere.
The core of that band, since the 1970s, has been the husband-and-wife team of Mac & Hazel McGee, together with their eldest son, Herman McGee. White Mountain Bluegrass always brought some very good musicians to Europe, with prominent players of the fiddle or Dobra. They played in many European countries in the 1980s - '90s, but toured less frequently after the turn of the century. Strictly Country Records has released two live recordings from those early tours.  
Sadly, in 2014, Hazel passed away. Without her unique voice and warm personality, Hazel’s family decided to retire ‘White Mountain Bluegrass’.
However Herman, together with other second generation bluegrass musicians from New England, formed a band called 'Descendants of Bluegrass'. Their shows feature occasional appearances by Mac McGee, and also Herman's wife, “BJ”. They revive some of the old White Mountain Bluegrass songs as part of this unique experience.
On the Big Bear Festival in Zuidlaren, NL, the trio could be convinced to come over once more. Some of the best Dutch bluegrass musicians will be their band for this occasion: Johannes Bodingius on bass, Laura van Beek on the fiddle, and Kevin Lynch on the mandolin. The McGees all sing, and Mac plays rhythm guitar, while Herman plays banjo and lead guitar.

John Lowell Band

John Lowell Band (USA)

John Lowell is a trailblazing singer/songwriter from Montana. He has become increasingly popular throughout the US, Canada and Europe with his graceful playing, expressive original songs and smooth baritone vocals. Bluegrass and Americana music is the backbone of the JLB.

Julie Elkins is the "banjoista" for the JLB, having played since childhood. Originally from Montana, she currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to her impressive instrumental skills, she is also an excellent singer with a clear, powerful voice.

Tom Murphy adds depth and power to the JLB on mandolin. With imaginative solos, driving rhythm, and precise vocal harmonies, Tom brings color to the music of the band, and decisively shapes the sound.

Completing the quartet is German native Thomas Kaerner on the standup bass. A multiinstrumentalist with many years of experience as a professional and studio musician for numerous acoustic bands, Thomas provides the essential musical foundation for the JLB sound with his tasteful bass lines and solid rhythm.

More Information: John Lowell Band
Never Again

Never again (S)

Formed in the beginning of the 80´s Never Again was one of Swedens´ more progressive bluegrass bands at that time. Now, in 2017 and more than 30 years later, Never Again has once more teamed up to play bluegrass music – despite their name. Banjoplayer Anders Ternesten visited Grevengrass a couple of years back with the band DUNDERHEAD and now he brings Never Again to Greven.

The music of Never Again is a mix of traditional bluegrass and original material written by singer/songwriter Steve Ericsson. Steve has been a professional musician and songwriter all his life and the love for country and bluegrass music has never left him. He has been working with American textwriters for many years and the lyrics to his songs has a special feel to them. Steve is also a skilled jazz and bluegrass lead guitarist.

In 1981 Bengt Nestor was in the USA playing bluegrass with Steve and Anders. He played guitar at that time but found a new love in the southern mountains of Carolina – the upright bass. He quickly learned to master slap-bass techniques inspired by the sound of Country Gazette and since then he never played another instrument. Over the years Bengt has played many types of music, but now he has made a promise to dust off his old slap-bass techniques – just for Grevengrass!

On the violin we find mr Bertil Pohl. During office hours you will find him in his violin repair shop. He is a master repairman and luthier. Often doing the work on the violins for The Gothenburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Two of his inspirational sources over the years has been Kenny Baker and Vassar Clements.

Tomas Timour lends his voice to harmony singing and is an accomplished guitar player. He has been playing with various groups over the years but primarily had influences from jazz, folk and pop.

On the banjo Anders Ternesten had his first influence from Earl Scruggs and then Alan Munde. He has always had a love for the hard driving kind of banjoplaying but when trying different kinds of music he has realized that the hard sound of the banjo is not always what works best. Blending in with a soft ballad or intricate guitar work is also a necessary way to treat the banjo. Nowdays he listens mostly to Ron Block and Sammy Shelor.

Never Again is looking forward to see you all at Grevengrass. Will you sing with us?

Suzanne und Jim

Suzanne & Jim (USA)

We are an acoustic duet specializing in the "Roots of Bluegrass Music". Our repertoire is drawn from the classic recordings of the 1920's and 30's mostly — the Carter Family, the Dixon Brothers, the Georgia Yellowhammers, &c. — although we perform a number of songs from the early recordings of Ralph and Carter Stanley as well.

Next year will be our 25th year as full time touring performers averaging more that 150 shows each year. It will also be 10 years since our last European tour and we intend to make it a double anniversary. It is an honor to make the GrevenGrass Festival a part of our celebratory tour.

More Information: Suzanne und Jim

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  • Hickory Project (USA)
  • Hanny Hill & Blue Night(D)
  • Monroe Crossing (USA)
  • Sons of Navaronne (B)
  • Two of a Kind (D)
  • Kristy Cox
  • Nashville Blue (D) )


Hicjory Project

Hickory Project (USA)

What started as a routine experiment has turned into a revolutionary project, henceforth known as Hickory Project. Formed in 2001, the band features hard-driving traditional and original acoustic music deeply rooted in bluegrass. They have captivated audiences throughout Europe and the US, and even as far away as Australia. As musical ambassodors they‘re taking their music wordwide. Hickory Project is a powerhouse of musical prowess.
Anthony Hannigan (mandolin, vocals) is one of the fastest mandolin pickers on earth. With its seemingly endless variety in picking the mandolin he defines the sound oft he band and gives their music the right innovative drive.
His wife, Jillian Hannigan (flute, vocals) has her musical roots in classical, folk and Celtic music.. She combines her love of early jazz, Celtic, bluegrass, and jamming to bring a vibrant and distinct dimension to the band.
Steve Belcher (acoustic bass) is originally from England.He began his music involvement playing drums, which drove his passion for rhythm. Playing the bass was a natural evolution from this start. Steve has been providing rock solid rhythm since HP's inception and is undoubtedly the foundation of Hickory Project.
Ed leak (banjo, vocals) has been performing professionally in various bands since age 15. Rhythm guitar and pedal steel are other instruments Ed loves to play. More recently he has taken up the mandolin. At age 13, his parents surprised him with a banjo for Christmas, and he hasn’t been the same since! With a lot of ambition and hard work, he became one of the most recognized banjo players in the scene.
Josh Sudigala (guitar) is the newest member of HP. His grandfather, an accomplished banjo player, took Josh to every local bluegrass event.  Despite his grandfather’s influence, at age 14, Josh began playing electric guitar, and rock n roll. But within a few years, the bluegrass bug bit. Josh quickly transitioned into bluegrass, and more importantly, flatpicking. That quintessential bluegrass style has become his one true passion in life.
Whether it is straight-forward traditional or a flare for the new realm in acoustic music, Hickory Project is a tour-de-force.

More information: Hickory Project


Hanny Hill & Blue Night

Hanny Hill & Blue Night(D)

Hanny Hill & Blue Night is bluegrass made in Germany.
The classic line-up with banjo, mandolin, guitar and bass, is creating the right setting for frontlady Hanny Hill. A pseudonym with a distinctive voice and strong musical presence. Typical for their sound are the background vocals of the band. You can feel their joy and love for the music.
Although the musicians are wellknown in rock and popmusic, they have found "home" in the Bluegrass scene.
Frank Hölscher is an experienced musician and with his mandoline brings the proper dynamics to the band. His vocal contribution has the special quality.
Ansgar Schult (guitar) has been known in the bluegrass scene for a long time and founded the legendary Beutling Brothers many years ago. Volker Wasmuth (5-String Banjo) was often in North Carolina and in other corners of the United States to learn to play the banjo from the best bluegrass banjoplayers. Axel Schütze (Bass) is the calming influence in the transition.
All musicians are bringing their experiences from rock and country music, and  incorporate it in "Hanny Hill & Blue Night" which marks their own sound.

More Information: Hanny Hill & Blue Night


Monroe Crossing

Monroe Crossing (USA)

Named in honor of Bill Monroe, "The Father of Bluegrass Music", Monroe Crossing dazzles audiences with an electrifying blend of classic bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, and heartfelt originals. Their superb musicianship and on-stage rapport have entertained audiences across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Monroe Crossing plays an average of 150 shows a year in intimate rooms, at major venues, and outdoor festivals. They are favorites among connoisseurs bluegrass and non-bluegrass audiences alike.

Monroe Crossing is made up of five very distinct personalities with differing musical backgrounds. Among their many honors, Monroe Crossing was awarded "Bluegrass Album of the Year" by the Minnesota Music Academy in 2003. In 2007, they were inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. They have twice been selected to showcase at the annual “World of Bluegrass” convention hosted by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) and they have appeared twice at Carnegie Hall in New York City. In may 2016, Monroe Crossing will be performing at the annual GrevenGrass Festival at the Emsbeach.

More Information: Monroe Crossing


Sons of Navarone

Sons of Navaronne (B)

The Sons of Navarone are an established and award winning Belgian bluegrassband. They have performed at Cultural Centres, festivals and clubs all over Europe, and were voted Best European Bluegrass Band 2012. They deliver a fully professional show with traditional and contemporary music combined with their very special humor. You don’t need to know much about the music to be very well entertained. Bluegrass music had developed from its roots in the USA into being recognized as a world music and Belgium had made an impact in this world with the recent film “The Broken Circle Breakdown” which had Bluegrass music at the heart of its story. It had gathered praise from far and wide and is currently under consideration for nomination to the Academy Awards as the best foreign film. Songs from the film are featured in the repertoire of the Sons who appeared (briefly!) as background musicians in the film. The “Sons” are musicians who have played in other musical genres as well as Bluegrass, from Folk to Classical, from Barbershop to Irish but they all have a love for Bluegrass music and have been playing it for many years. They are Guido Bos, vocals and contrabass, Thierry Schoysman, vocals and mandolin (last year on the GrevenGrass stage with Rawhide), Yves Aerts, vocals and guitar (has been on stage in Greven before with Rocks and Ivy) .. all Belgian.. and Paul van Vlodrop from the Netherlands on vocals and banjo (he also is nog stranger in Greven as he was on stage last year with the Ahrends)

More Informatio: Sons of Navarone
two of a kind

Two of a Kind (D)

Stephanie Pepperell and Katja Wilken are "Two of a kind". They present themselves as a perfectly coordinated duo with a musical mix of bluegrass, country and folk. Now and then they through in a classic pop song in bluegrass style, or even take a trip to some Rock'n'Roll. With great pleasure and joy they treat their audience to a colourfull program. It’s not always easy for  duo performing on a big stage with no band to back them up. Fortunately Stephanie already has experience with the Emsbeach. Last year’s festival she joined  the Ahrend brothers on stage. On bass she was standing somewhat in the background but was not left unnoticed.
With Katja she now is taking the spotlight. Two of a Kind’s interpretations of the most well-known pieces, will take you away on a wonderful musical journey. Each song is given a personal touch. Enjoy and feel their humor and love fort he music. Sometimes two musicians speak louder than a whole band.
We are looking forward to GrevenGrass’s opening act this year!

Kristy Cox

Kristy Cox

Kristy Cox is not a stranger in town. In 2013 she inspired the audience when performing on stage during the 5th GrevenGrass Festival. This time she’ll be bringing a few new musicians from overseas with her and will be forming her own Eurotour band along with European musicians.
Kristy Cox is the new voice in Australian bluegrass. Adored for her youthful energy infused acoustic country/bluegrass, she has been awarded with radio success and accolades for her talent. Having signed her first record deal in the USA with bluegrass label Pisgah Ridge. Kristy has been focusing her efforts on her last album ‘Living For The Moment’ which was released in Feb 2014 and has saw her nominated for three 2015 Australian Country Music Awards for Female Artist of the Year, Bluegrass Recording of the Year and Alternate Country Album of the Year, and seeing her win the first ever Bluegrass Recording of the Year with her single ‘One Heartbreak Away’. With a string of number 1 hits on Radio and Country Music Television in Australia, Kristy was recently named Female Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the year at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards with her last release ‘Miles and Timezones’.’ Kristy is set to record a brand new bluegrass album this spring which she’ll be presenting in Greven.
Kristy is travelling back and forth between Australia and music city Nashville USA, with her husband, American Country Singer Travis List. In May she’ll be making a stop at Greven, for her 2nd appearance on the Greven Grass Festival.
More Information: Kristy Cox
Nashville Blue

Nashville Blue  (D)      

Last year Jürgen Biller was on stage with 4 Wheel Drive on the 7th GrevenGrass Festival. And as it goes, anyone who has ever played in Greven obviously wants to come back. This year he is playing in a different formation.Nashville Blue is the name of the band, with experienced musicians from the German country / bluegrass scene.
The trio from the "Southern Alemannic" stands for an authentic bluegrass sound and instrumental class .. With the songs of the grand master Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs and the Stanley Brothers and own songs and interpretations of selected pieces, they inspire their audience.
Jürgen Biller is a leading banjo player  in Europe and has been performing on international stages for more than 30 years now. He has accompanied American Stars and is also a respected teacher in Banjo Camps.
Guitar virtuoso and lead singer Christoph Reif impresses the audience with stylish solos
and selected songs.
Completing the sound of Nashville Blue is Ludwig Grimm on bass. Its high
Tenor voice provides the perfect harmony to Christopher's lead vocals.

Nashville Blue - Handmade music, honest and genuine!

More Information: Nashville Blue

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  • Dunderhead (S)
  • Rawhide (B)
  • 4Wheel Drive (NL/D/B)
  • Growling Old Men (USA)
  • Die Ahrends (D)
  • Halden 5 (D)
  • Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (USA)

    Presentation: Marjan Klein-Sibum (NL)


Of course we said „yes“, when they said they'd be willing to come back to GrevenGrass 2015!!After their mind-blowing appearance on our stage in 2014 everybody couldn't wait to welcome them back at the festival. When we first booked them last year, we didn't know of their new name, nor that they would win #1 European Bluegrass Band 2014 at the EWOB in Voorthuizen, NL.The band started out as „Angelina Darland & The Moonshine Brothers“ in Gothenburg and renamed themselves to Dunderhead last year. Ever since then they are on their way to international recognition and fame, playing festivals all over scandinavia and across Europe.Their music is a modern type of bluegrass, and they mainly perform with their own material. Angelina and Mikael’s songs speak right to the heart and together with the distinct banjo and the hardcore bluegrass guitar they truly create something special.

If we're lucky, they'll bring their first album along with their great show!


Growling Old Men

Growling Old Men

They've been to GrevenGrass before: for one appearance in 2013. And now they are back for the whole festival in 2015. Ben Winship (mandolin & vocals) and John Lowell (guitar & vocals) are playing music together since 1998. They will be joined by German bassplayer Thomas Kärner.The Growling Old Men really enjoy playing music together. Ben Winship and John Lowell are both veterans of the Northern Rockies’ acoustic music world and have been performing and recording together for a long time. Together the duo presents a tight, yet relaxed set of original and traditional bluegrass songs, ballads and tunes – informed equally by the music of the Appalachian hills and the western plains.In concert the Growling Old Men are engaging and spontaneous as they make a big sound for two guys. Their shows include a blend of well-rehearsed material and few new songs hot off the press – they like to walk the edge of improvisational risk taking. The duo strives to contrast simplicity with complexity; all with good tone and a warm sense of humor.Festivals, concerts and workshops have led these minstrels both near and far – from hometown cafes to A Prairie Home Companion, from Canada to the Shetland Islands. In 1998 the self-titled Growling Old Men was released, followed by Occupational Hazards in 2005.When in the UK, they frequently collaborate with Leon Hunt (banjo) with whom they produced (More) Growling Old Men: Shuttle Diplomacy in 2008. Their CDs are truly a joint effort with the lead singing, harmony, songwriting and picking duties shared throughout. These have earned them rave reviews from fans, djs and the press alike. Right now they are working on their next production and we're quite curious, if the might have it with them at the festival.


Four Wheel Drive

Four Wheel Drive

We're immensely proud to present this multi-award-winning band in Greven for the first time this year. Based in Utrecht (NL) this group around master-fiddler Joost van Es features Top Bluegrass-musicianship from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. They have been making friends and fans all over continental Europe and also in the UK, Ireland and USA.  Their new CD, Traveling kind, will be available at the festival.  The European bluegrassband ‘4 Wheel Drive’ is probably the most talked-about and lauded European bluegrass group of this past decade. They have achieved great popularity without diluting or jazzing up this intriguing brand of Americana music that’s becoming more popular every day. In 2000 their first album 'No doubt about it' was released on Rounder Europe. This CD got things really going for the band. Bluegrass Unlimited, the most popular American bluegrass magazine, published a highlight review and a full length article on this Group.
In 2002 - they won 'Best European Bluegrass Band Award' at the EWOB (European World of Bluegrass) and they were sent to the States to represent Europe at the world famous 'World of Bluegrass-festival', where they received standing ovations at the fanfair . They also performed at The Station Inn in Nashville, the American mecca of bluegrass music but also at the Cobblestone, one of the oldest and prestigious folk venues in Dublin. In the last two consecutive years (2006, 2007) this band also won the Audience Popularity Award at the annual Ewob festival in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands.
Their repertoire is a keen mixture of hardcore bluegrass, some country flavoured songs and some more old-timey celtic sounding instrumentals mixed with some surprising a capella-songs, all played and sung with a remarkable kind of well controlled power.
In the last couple of years they were considered a revelation at prestigious festivals like the Athy Bluegrass Festival in Ireland, te Omagh Appalachian & Bluegrass music Festival in Northern Ireland as well as the Bluegrass & Celtic Music Festival in Namur (B).
4Wheel Drive has been playing a theatre show in Holland during the last 5 years, called ‘Somewhere Between – American Tunes’.
In this show they performed together with female singer Jolanda Peters. As a result of this succesfull collaboration Jolanda was invited to sing a song on the new 4WD cd, and has been performing with the band on many other occasions. 4 Wheel Drive prefers to play for just one microphone which adds an entertaining effect to their show.




Here comes one great European Band that we tried to persuade to come to Greven for a long time now. We're tickled and anxiously looking forward to see this amazing show happen right here on the beaches in Greven. Their perfect arrangements and musical skills paired with wonderful vocal blends made them ambassadors of Bluegrass Music on stages all over Europe in the last 35 years. A broad repertoire beyond the boundaries of traditional Bluegrass, 6 -part harmony singing and a great sense of humor add to the fascination that is all part of a Rawhide show. Looking forward …



Halden Music – Halden 5 – Happy American Root Music

Every year GrevenGrass presents a newcomer band to the festival audience. This year we are proud to have “Halden5” from the old coalmining district of Gelsenkirchen to open our 7. Festival for us.

Halden Music-these are 5 musicians who love to pick and sing and who inspire their listeners with a broad repertoire from Oldtime and American Folk music over to Bluegrass, Western Swing and beyond. They'll adapt to their venues and perform as a trio, quartet or quintet.

In Greven we will enjoy them in their large 5-piece outfit along with (twin-)fiddler Jonas Lisenfeld. It's said to become a moody experience and musical fireworks...


Jeff Scroogins

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (USA)

Coming from the Rocky Mountains to Germany: Jeff Scroggins & Colorado is a high energy, high mountain “bluegrass explosion,” that features the amazing banjo playing of Jeff Scroggins. Jeff’s fiery style and lightning fast licks have earned him many fans worldwide, and have left many a first time listener in stunned disbelief! It also features the award winning mandolin playing of Jeff’s son Tristan Scroggins. Tristan is also an accomplished songwriter, and his and Jeff’s original instrumentals play a large role in the band’s unique and energetic sound.

The band also features incredible bluegrass vocals, led by the powerful voice of frontman Greg Blake. Greg has twice been nominated for SPBGMA’s “Traditional Male Vocalist of the Year” award, and his phenomenal bluegrass guitar playing has earned him 9 nominations and an amazing 5 consecutive wins as SPBGMA’s Guitarist of the Year!


Die Ahrends

Die Ahrends

For many years they lived in different areas of Germany and could rarely be heard together. Now, after Heiko moved back to their hometown Leer, they formed this new band, along with Stephanie Pepperell on bass and Paul van Vlodrop on five-string-banjo. True Bluegrass is their music, the high lonesome sound and a strong rhythm. The striking sound of Heiko's guitar, Hendrik's mandolin and the singing of two brothers.


GrevenGrass Plakat 2014 lounge 2014

  • Ronnie Snippe presenteert:
    "Bluegrass meets local Musicians" das "Lounge-Konzert"
  • Close to Home (NL)
  • Cardboard Fox (GB)
  • The Country Pickers (CH)
  • Bill Faster (SK)
  • Sacred Sounds of Grass (D)
  • De Stroatklinkers (NL)
  • Dunderhead (S)
  • Amy Gallatin and Stillwater (USA)
  • Matinee "Tara Linda" (Country Swing, Americana)
Cardboard Fox

Cardboard Fox

are hard to categorise. All four musicians have roots in bluegrass music but their collective influences reach much further and this shows in their music. Formed in late 2013, the band have known each other for much longer but have been waiting for the right opportunity to make it work. All that was needed was for everyone to be in the right place and Joe's moving from Norwich to Bath was the catalyst that allowed it to happen.

This is a group of musicians who are very, very excited about what this line up can create and that's what makes this acoustic quartet so special. With a focus on original writing and re-imagined folk songs taken from a very different perspective, this band is not to be missed

amy galalgin

Amy Gallatin & Stillwater

The powerhouse duo of Amy Gallatin and renowned resophonic guitarist Roger Williams—20 and 40 year veterans of the New England music scene--joined forces a few years ago to explore their mutual love of country standards, served up with an acoustic treatment in the bluegrass vein. The result is a toe-tapping blend of heartfelt vocals, soaring harmonies and red-hot picking, traditional yet modern and distinct.

Americana radio host Ed McKeon says: "Amy's vocals, with the power and tone of her voice, are tempered by Roger's baritone which has been sanded smooth by cigarettes and, shall we say, maturity. The song selections are perfect, the harmonies glorious, the sentiments wonderfully maudlin (like any good old country song)."

The two are enhanced on mandolin and vocals by Roger's son, Berklee College of Music student JD, who--in the time-honored tradition of musical consanguinity complements his father's style perfectly--and by veteran bassist Eric Levenson, formerly with Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass Boys and later with Boston City Limits.

angelina darland

Angelina Darland & The Moonshine Brothers

Angelina Darland & The Moonshine Brothers was formed in March 2013 in Gothenburg,

Sweden. Their music is a modern type of bluegrass, and they mainly perform with their own material. Angelina and Mikael’s songs speak right to the heart and together with the distinct banjo and the hardcore bluegrass guitar they truly create something special. The band participated at "European World Of Bluegrass" in Voorthuizen, The Netherlands in

2013 and won the second prize. They spent the following summer playing at festivals in Sweden and have become well-known to the bluegrass audience in Scandinavia. Angelina Darland & The Moonshine Brothers is in the process of making their first album, and will be performing at festivals across Europe in 2014.

sacred sound

Sacred Sounds of Grass

set a counterpoint in times of the electronic sounds by performing pure acoustic. The bands sound character is just vocal and instrumental perfection.

The international reputation of SACRED SOUNDS OF GRASS is to be the most authentic bluegras band outside the US! They perform on stage with lots of experience since 1979, when the band was founded. Their steadyness proofs the quality of the musicians, which can't be missed on the international stages.

The bands four released Records and CD's set new standards in european bluegrass music, and have been highly awarded by international juries.

SACRED SOUNDS OF GRASS performed live in numerous Radio shows and TV productions.

Three US-tours in 1989, 1990 and 1993 mark surely the highlight in band history.The band performed at the most renowned bluegrass festivals in the states. Following this experience a lot of musical friends were made and a lot of US artists engaged the SACRED SOUNDS OF GRASS as their backing band for their european tour, thus proofing the bands high standard.

Bill faster

Bill Faster

Our band comes from a long history of friendships and musical experiences. We met for the first time in 1997, when Richard, Michal, and Milan put together a band called 29 Strings. We also played together at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) festival (Nashville 2009) where we started talking about the future our music careers. But life sent us on different paths and we parted ways in 2010. However, we continued playing special projects with musicians from the US (2011 - 2012 Jonathan Maness and 2013 Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley). After the January Mountain Tour in 2013 with Dale Ann and Steve, we meet a few times to play together and the outcome of our meetings was the creation of a fresh new band named after Richard’s tune “BILL FASTER”. The concept of the band is to combine a traditional bluegrass background (“Bill” as in Bill Monroe - the father of bluegrass music) with new music ideas (“Faster” – new contemporary sounds). We hope you will like our concept and music.



In 2010, the Dutch Bluegrass band, De Stroatklinkers, celebrated their 20th year jubilee, in a unique way…. they visited 20 different villages and towns in the county of Groningen on the same day, and performed a 20 minute concert in each one, followed by an evening concert for about 350 people. The band, now in their 24th year, plays a wide range of acoustic music, from Bluegrass and Country, through to Irish folk, and music from the 1950’s and 1960’s. They have released 6 Cd’s to date, mainly with self-penned songs, but also play covers of songs from Ede Staal, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and many more. All played in the bands own unique musical style.

De Stroatklinkers can cater for any size of venue, from small living room concerts, through to large festivals, such as in Lithuania in 2000, where they played in front of around 40,000 music lovers. They have also played in Switzerland and Germany.

Playing around the single microphone, their show is always fun packed, and full of humour!!!

the Country Pickers

The Country Pickers

The Country Pickers had been a Swiss Country- and Bluegrass band with a very long tradition, starting in the late fifties! The band lived on to 1996. Then the band broke up after such a long time, the musicians simply felt to old to play on stage.

So it was a little sensation, when one the youngest of the former members, Paolo Dettwiler and four other swiss bluegrass musicians announced the reunion of the Country Pickers in 2011. They planned for just some selected performances, to play the sound of the old Country Pickers again. But it seems, that they will have to play a lot more, because their old fans and the new ones want more of them. They are already booked for several festivals and venues!

The Country Pickers are happy to be on the road again and look forward to all their old and new fans and friends.

close to home

Close to Home

is a Bluegrass and Folk Band from the northern Netherlands. The Band was founded in 2002 by Liz Meesters-Janssen and her dad Rienk Janssen. During the years the band evolved from a duo to a quartet. The musical range of Close to home streches from sad, melodic folk songs to fast and driving bluegrass songs. Most of these songs are written by the band and show a lot of autobiography.

All the band members have a different musical background, but the bluegrass joined them to a dictinctive harmonic group with a unique sound.

They proofed this in the last years, when playing several festivals in Zuidlaren (NL), Emmen (NL) and the well known “Boet´n Deure” in Odoorn (NL).

And they did some 'small but nice' kind of private performances as well. Liz Meesters and her friends look forward to the GrevenGrass Bluegrass audience and hope to inspire all of them.

Tara Lnda

Tara Linda and Tortilla Western

play wildwest Americana, the songs of the southwest american desert states - rancheras, tex-mex, walzes, boleros, blues, country- and train-songs. Their original texas music made it no. 12 of the US radio charts and reached the 20 in the european americana charts.

Tara started her carreer in Austin, Texas, as a drummer in rock- and punkbands. Soon she discovered the bass and the baritone ukelele.

After moving to California she fell in love with the button accordion, the most famous instrument used in Texas.

Sponsored by the german accordion manufacturer Hohner, Tara Lindas winning smile can be seen throughout the world on their big advertising posters. She performs on stage with Flaco Jimenez and tours with "Los Texmaniacs". Tara Linda has been a featured artist in the Accordion Babes Pinup Calendar/CDs- each a wildly successful “fun, girl-powered makeover for the accordion.

Mexican style skirts, boots and flowers in her hair or a Stetson hat are part of her shows, but most amazing is her warm, sultry voice, a bit shy, a bit coquettish. Whether solo or backed by a full band; Tara Linda captivates.

grevengrass poster 2012
  • Oh My Darling
  • G-Runs’n Roses (CZ)
  • New Essex Bluegrass Band (GB)
  • >Covered Grass (DE)
  • Looping Brothers (de)
  • Lazy Tater (NL)
  • Grass Pistols (RUS)
  • Terry O'Connel & His Pilots (S)


Presentation: Ronnie Snippe (NL)

oh my darling

Oh My Darling

Allison de Groot - Banjo, vocals
Rosalyn Dennett - Fiddle, vocals
Vanessa Kuzina - Vocals, guitar
Marie-Josée Dandeneau - Upright bass, vocals

More information: Oh My Darling
guns and roses

G-runs'n Roses


Ralph Schut - Banjo, guitar, vocals
Martin Burza - Fiddle, vocals
Milan Marek - Mandolin, vocals
Tomáš Kubín - Upright bass

More Information: G-runs'n Roses

new essex

New Essex Blugrass Band

Paul Brewer - Guitar, vocals
Terry Hymers - Mandolin, vocals
Marc Noel-Johnson - Upright bass
Grahame Turner - Banjo
Greg Smith - Fiddle

More Information: New Essex Bluegrass Band
coverd grass

Covered Grass

Corina Aurin - Vocals
Joon Laukamp - Mandolin, Fiddle, vocals
Volker Fisher - Banjo, vocals
Carsten Manz - Bass, vocals

More Information: Covered Grass

looping brothers

Looping Brothers

Ulli Sieker - Vocals, Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar
Matthias Malcher - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Ralf Strotmann - Vocals, Bass


More Information: Looping Brothers

lazy tater

Lazy Tater

Jan Pals - Mandolin, Vocals
Beppie Gasman- Bass, Vocals
Ronnie Snippe - Guitar, Vocals
Geert van Schoonderwoerd den Bezemer - Banjo, Vocals

More Information: Lazy Tater

The Grass Pistols

Mikhail Dushin – Banjo, lead vocal
Tatiana Pechenova – Mandolin, vocal
Dmitriy Pechenov – Bass guitar, vocal

More Information: Grass Pistols

Terry O'Connel & His Pilots

Terry O'Connel & His Pilots


Forsberg - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar,
Adam - Electric Guitar
Lukas Asplund- Drums
n'Anders Deurell - Double Bass

More Information: Terry O'Connel & His Pilots

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