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Blugrass Stuff Foto

Bluegrass Stuff

Bluegrass Stuff is one of the oldest bluegrass bands in Europe, having been active since 1977. The band's style is traditional, with a sound and approach that embraces the classic bluegrass of Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, Jimmy Martin and the Stanley Brothers.

Bluegrass Stuff has performed all over Italy and Europe, gaining a strong following everywhere. The band has appeared at some of the major international festivals in Italy (Torino, Milano, Tradate, Brescia, Pescara), France (Toulouse, Craponne sur Arzon, La Roche sur Foron), Germany (Güglingen, Neusudende, Bühl), Switzerland (Basel, Münchwilen, Melide, Stetten, Deredinger, Olten, Schaffausen, Willisau, Thün, Albisgütli), Nederland (EWOB) sharing the stage with such major acts as Bluegrass Cardinals, The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Country Gazette and Tim O' Brien.

Bluegrass Stuff has also played with bluegrass greats Peter Rowan, Kenny Baker, Josh Graves, Jim Eanes, Bill Keith, Jim Rooney, Randy Howard and has appeared many times on both local and national radio and TV programs. Bluegrass Stuff released several recordings and in 1995 produced "Golden Horn" the first italian bluegrass CD. The band was placed 1st at the audience award "Group of the Year" during the European Bluegrass Festival in Voorthuizen NL, the highlight of the European World of Bluegrass 2002. Bluegrass Stuff were awarded 1st place European Bluegrass Band of the Year at EWOB 2004 in Vöringer - Germany and at EWOB 2006 in La Roche sur Foron - France

More information: Bluegrass Stuff
Jumpers cable Foto

The Jumper Cables

Original acoustic music from the Czech Republic

The Jumper Cables came together to make music. Exploring the possibilities of their acoustic instruments to create compelling arrangements and powerful songs. The band's debut album Miner's Daughter was released in 2015. Since then, the band has constantly been working on new material, playing their music for people all around Europe.

  • Tomáš Jabran
  • Michal Wawrzycze
  • Lukáš Ritter
  • Michal Kunc
  • Charles Zghany
More Information: Jumper Cables
Lonesome Wagoneers Foto

The Lonesome Wagoneers

The Lonesome Wagoneers are a Bluegrassband from the heart of Germany and have dedicated themselves to the original bluegrass of the 40s to 60s. Earthy, honestly and unadulterated, they reach and inspire the audience with harmony singing, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, guitar and bass. Even listeners who encounter this music live for the first time can be approached by the rhythm and attitude to life. Five men, five voices and five stringed instruments take the hearts of listeners on a journey to the roots of modern country and pop music. The journey takes you to the east of North America, to the vast plains of Kentucky, the blue mountains of the Appalachian Mountains, to the blues of the south and the Celtic melodies of Ireland. The bluegrass of the Lonesome Wagoneers merge cultures and traditions to a musical mix^, that simply makes you feel good.

  • Björn Kunze – Mandolin, Vocals
  • Hannes Lund – Guitar, Vocals
  • Reto Kunze – Bass, Vocals
  • Rolf Schild – Banjo, Vocals
  • Steffen Dittmar – Fiddle, Vocals
More information: The Lonesome Wagoneers
The Looping Brothers

The Looping Brothers

On the road alone in Europe and the USA, or as a backing band for American stars: The Looping Brothers can rightly be regarded as one of the outstanding bluegrass formations in Europe. Bluegrass was born out of folk, blues and old-time music in the Appalachian Mountains, in the southeastern United States. From there, it is now widespread all over the world. Today, bluegrass is an important and innovative influence of new North American folk music and is also finding a growing number of followers in Europe. Unlike electric, loud music and electronic pop, they rely on grounded and handmade music: As with jazz, virtuoso improvisations are sprinkled in by the acoustic instruments, but in the case of bluegrass they often rely on breakneck speed. Listeners can look forward to an authentically played American music, fine-tuned triple harmony paired with a dose of Westphalian humour!

  • Ulli Sieker-lead - Vocals, mandolin, fiddle, guitar
  • Matthias Malcher - Vocals, guitar, banjo
  • Ralf Strotmann - Vocals, Bass
More Information: The Looping Brothers
Monroe Crossing Foto

Monroe Crossing

"Minnesota's Premier Bluegrass & Gospel Quintet"

Named in honor of Bill Monroe, “The Father of Bluegrass Music,” Monroe Crossing dazzles audiences with an electrifying blend of classic bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, and heartfelt originals. Their superb musicianship and on-stage rapport have entertained audiences across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Monroe Crossing plays an average of 150 shows a year in intimate rooms, at major venues, and outdoor festivals. They are favorites among bluegrass connoisseurs and non-bluegrass audiences alike. They love introducing newcomers to bluegrass music!

Monroe Crossing is made up of five very distinct personalities with differing musical backgrounds. When combined, their individual histories make for a very unique ensemble sound.

Because they met through the music of Bill Monroe, they like to say they had a “Monroe Crossing.”

Among their many honors, Monroe Crossing was awarded "Bluegrass Album of the Year" by the Minnesota Music Academy in 2003. In 2007, they were inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. They have twice been selected to showcase at the annual “World of Bluegrass” convention hosted by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) and they have appeared twice at Carnegie Hall in New York City. In 2016, Monroe Crossing had the honor of being the first Minnesota bluegrass band to ever perform in South Korea.

Monroe Crossing has recorded 15 CDs to date. Their latest release is entitled, "Monroe Crossing Plays Classic Country." It is a collection of cover songs from the golden era of country music (1950s & '60s). Songs from George Jones, Ray Price, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash are brought back to life with bluegrass instrumentation and that special Monroe Crossing vocal blend.

Whether playing traditional bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, original bluegrass, or even songs outside the bluegrass genre, Monroe Crossing is one of the most active and most entertaining acts on the bluegrass scene today!

  • Derek Johnson - Guitar, lead vocals
  • Lisa Fuglie - Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, lead vocals
  • Matt Thompson - Mandolin, Fiddle, harmony vocals
  • Mark Anderson - Bass, Bass vocals
  • David Robinson - Banjo, Dobro, Harmonica, Harmony vocals
More information: Monroe Crossing
Rawhid Foto


Rawhide is going into its 40th year of existence and has been renowned in Europe for stretching the boundaries of bluegrass towards other styles of music such as barbershop, classical, swing and pop. Their live shows combine a variety of tasteful instrumental and vocal music with lots of humour, both during and between the songs. A show with Rawhide is always special and different than with any other bluegrass band. With Rawhide you can expect the unexpected.

  • Jeff Cardey: Mandolin
  • Dirk Fonteyn: Fiddle
  • Dimitri Laveren: Bass
  • Dirk Peeraer: Dobro
  • Thierry Schoysman: Banjo
  • Bert Van Bortel: Guitar
More Information: Rawhide
Sacred Sound of Grass Foto

Sacred Sounds Of Grass

The group Sacred Sounds Of Grass is the oldest active bluegrass band in Germany with its founding date of 1979. With its classic bluegrass sound, the group is also internationally regarded as the most authentic bluegrassBand traded outside the US. There was Sacred Sounds Of Grass on 3 tours, in 1989, 1990 and 1993, at renowned Bluegrass festivals frenetically celebrated. Their sound is characterized by vocal and instrumental perfection. The Gruppe can also look back on numerous live radio appearances and TV productions. Her skills have also often been proven as a backing band of US artists on tour. In 1998, Thilo was named the best banjo player in Europe in Vienna.

  • Thilo Hain: Banjo, Vocals
  • Sam Hain: Mandoline, Vocals
  • Alfred Bonk: Kontrabass, Vocals
  • Heiko Ahrend: Gitarre, Vocals
More Information: Sacred Sounds Of Grass

Program  GrevenGrass 2019

Saturday, June 8:

  • Opening speeches and announcements
  • 16:00 Looping Brothers D
  • 17:00 Lonesome Wagoneers D
  • 18:00 Sacred Sounds Of Grass D
  • 19:00 Rawhide B
  • 20:00 Bluegrass Stuff I
  • 21:00 Jumper Cables CZ
  • 22:00 Monroe Crossing USA

Sunday, June 9:

  • 12:00 Sacred Sounds Of Grass: Gospel-Matinee
  • 15:00 Lonesome Wagoneers D
  • 16:00 Sacred Sounds Of Grass D
  • 17:00 Looping Bros. D
  • 18:00 Announcement of the tombola winners
  • 18:30 Jumper Cables CZ
  • 19:30 Rawhide B
  • 20:30 Bluegrass Stuff I
  • 21:30 Monroe Crossing USA
  • 22:30 Final


Admission charge – Notes - Terms of Use

The payment of the admission charge allows to stay overnight in the camp as of the friday (preceeding whitsunday) 12:00 hours to Monday (succeeding Whitsunday) 15:00 hours

Requests for a specific spot on our camp site will be considered if possible, but can not be guaranteed. Please note the instructions of our camp helper

Advance booking: Camp site fee per person
GrevenGrass association members, or EBMA-member from 7th of June 10th of June 2019 32,50 €
Grown ups / Teenagers 16 years from 7th of June 10th of June 2019 35,00 €
Arrival before Friday per person 10,00 €

Cash desk Camp (Festival): Camp site fee per person
GrevenGrass association members, or EBMA-member from 7th of June 10th of June 2019 35,00 €
Grown ups / Teenagers 16 years from 7th of June 10th of June 2019 37,00 €
Arrival before Friday per person 10,00 €

Note 1.: Children/Teenagers up to the age of 15 years have free admission.
Note 2: The stage performance is free.

GrevenGrass e.V.
Kreissparkasse Steinfurt
IBAN:  DE58 4035 1060 0072 2584 78

Please indicate the name of the applicant and the number of persons on the transfer (analogous to the online registration, so that we can allocate the payment.

Note on data protection

GrevenGrass e. V. complies with the statutory provisions on data protection (Federal Data Protection Act BDSG and EU General Data Protection Regulation DSGVO).

We store and process personal credentials and payment information provided to us upon registration, exclusively for the purpose of registering for the GrevenGrass Camp and monitoring the receipt of payment. In addition, we generally do not share your data with third parties.(Privacy statement)

With the payment of the camp fee, the following terms of use and camp-rules

I. Advance booking

- Advance booking is done by GrevenGrass e.V.
- There is no legal right for a certain campsite.
- The purchaser states the number of person for each campsite when booking in advance. - The overnight guest (advance booking) has to identify when entering the camp site for the first time by ID-card, driving license, EBMA membership card etc.

II. Cash desk Camp (Festival), Availability

- The cash desk provides camp tickets as long as available.
- Cancellation

When cancelling until the 24. of may 2019, we don't take a cancellation fee. When cancelling as of the 25 of May 2019 or later, we keep the advance booking fee as compensation, unless we are able to sell the reserved camp site to another person.

Legal notice: The english translation of this text is for informational purpose only, in case of legal dispute, the german text is legally valid.

The Rules of Conduct listet following are mandatory for all visitors of the camp and the festival area.

Important advice:

The GrevenGrass Camp is not a commercial camp-ground, thus you can not expect the standards provided on those areas. However, toilet-, shower- and washroom-facilties and garbage containers are provided. Electrical supply can only be assured on a limited part of the camp grond. The fusing system of the electrical net is not suitable for devices consuming more than 1,2 kW per hour (see below for further information). There is no legal right for an electric supply.

§ 1    Right of residence

Every visitor of the festival has the right to stay the camp. However, staying overnight in the camp is only allowed for visitors having payed the campsite fee. During nights rest time (see times below) only visitors having payed the campsite fee do have the right of residence in the camp.

§ 2    Opening times of GrevenGrass Camp

The camp opens as of the friday (preceeding whitsunday) 12:00 hours until Monday (succeeding Whitsunday) 15:00 hours.

§ 3    Set up and use of the camping lot

There will be no reservation for a certain campsite. The camping lot is allocated by the organizer. Cars may only be used on the camp area when setting up or dismantling the camping lot or with the explicit consent of the organizer. Ditches and fireplaces shall not be dug.

§ 4    Parking cars

Cars must be parked in principle to the parking areas. Only if a car is used to sleep in overnight, it may remain on the camp area. All lanes on the camp area are emergency routes, these must always be kept clear.

§ 6    Conduct when leaving, Damage

The camping lot shall be cleaned of garbage, wood waste, tent pegs etc. The user of the camping lot is responsible for damage caused by him.

§ 7    Open fire, usage of charcoal barbecues

Campfires shall only be burned in firebowls or -baskets. Suitable extinguishing agents shall be provided. After use the fireplace shall be cleaned from ashes, wood waste etc. Burned out ashes, wood waste etc shall not be disposed of on the ground or in the garbage container, instead it has to be disposed of in the fire bowl at he camp entrance.

§ 8    Pets

Pets (i.e. dogs and cats) are allowed on the campground and must be kept in such a way, that nobody is harassed or bothered. Feces shall immidiately be removed by owners. If necessary, dogs must be kept on a leash.

§ 9    Jamsessions

Jamsessions may only be done unplugged with acoustical musical instruments at appropriate volume level and may be terminated by the organiser in its sole discretion. Keep consideration of other jamming groups, camp- and city-residents.

§ 10  Nights rest time

The beginning of nights rest time is defined for the nights fri/sat and sat/sun as of 03:00h and for the night sun/mon as of 01:00h.

§ 11  Electrical facilities

Microwave ovens, electrical ovens- barbecues etc. shall not be used. Exceptions may be possible, if approval is obtained from the organizers prior to arrival. The electrical network and the fusing is designed only for 6 Ah, thus the operation of devices (single use or switched together on one socket) consuming more than 1,2 kW per hour are not allowed.

§ 12  Sanitary / Garbage

All equipment must be treated with care and consideration. Leave the sanitary in a clean way, as you wish a sanitary to look like. Leave the sanitary in a clean state, as you wish a sanitary to look like. Waste must be separated into paper, plastic, glass and residual waste and must be taken home, unless there is an appropriate container available. Paper- and glass containers can be found on the adjacent parking lot. Disposing of chemical toilet waste from trailers and caravans is forbidden.

§ 13  Event site “Greven an die Ems”

The event site “Greven an die Ems” is provided by Greven Marketing. The access of the site is free of charge. The owner of the open-air restaurant provides services (beverages, meals) only for payment. The access of the stage area is only possible by approval of the organizer. It's not allowed to take alcoholic beverages to the event site.

§ 14  Domestic authority

The organizer GrevenGrass e.V. exercises property rights (Domestic authority). He is entitled to expel campers from any breach of these terms or general laws of the place. In case of expelling there will be no refund of the entrance fee

§ 15  Liability of the organizer

The organizer is not liable for personal injury and damage or lost items. If the camp has to be closed due to force majeure or technical reasons, there is no recourse.

Greven, 01.11.2012,  GrevenGrass e.V.

Legal notice:

The english translation of this text is for informational purpose only, in case of legal dispute, the german text is legally valid.

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