The Rules of Conduct listet following are mandatory for all visitors of the camp and the festival area.

Important advice:

The GrevenGrass Camp is not a commercial camp-ground, thus you can not expect the standards provided on those areas. However, toilet-, shower- and washroom-facilties and garbage containers are provided. Electrical supply can only be assured on a limited part of the camp grond. The fusing system of the electrical net is not suitable for devices consuming more than 1,2 kW per hour (see below for further information). There is no legal right for an electric supply.

§ 1    Right of residence

Every visitor of the festival has the right to stay the camp. However, staying overnight in the camp is only allowed for visitors having payed the campsite fee. During nights rest time (see times below) only visitors having payed the campsite fee do have the right of residence in the camp.

§ 2    Opening times of GrevenGrass Camp

The camp opens as of the friday (preceeding whitsunday) 12:00 hours until Monday (succeeding Whitsunday) 15:00 hours.

§ 3    Set up and use of the camping lot

There will be no reservation for a certain campsite. The camping lot is allocated by the organizer. Cars may only be used on the camp area when setting up or dismantling the camping lot or with the explicit consent of the organizer. Ditches and fireplaces shall not be dug.

§ 4    Parking cars

Cars must be parked in principle to the parking areas. Only if a car is used to sleep in overnight, it may remain on the camp area. All lanes on the camp area are emergency routes, these must always be kept clear.

§ 6    Conduct when leaving, Damage

The camping lot shall be cleaned of garbage, wood waste, tent pegs etc. The user of the camping lot is responsible for damage caused by him.

§ 7    Open fire, usage of charcoal barbecues

Campfires shall only be burned in firebowls or -baskets. Suitable extinguishing agents shall be provided. After use the fireplace shall be cleaned from ashes, wood waste etc. Burned out ashes, wood waste etc shall not be disposed of on the ground or in the garbage container, instead it has to be disposed of in the fire bowl at he camp entrance.

§ 8    Pets

Pets (i.e. dogs and cats) are allowed on the campground and must be kept in such a way, that nobody is harassed or bothered. Feces shall immidiately be removed by owners. If necessary, dogs must be kept on a leash.

§ 9    Jamsessions

Jamsessions may only be done unplugged with acoustical musical instruments at appropriate volume level and may be terminated by the organiser in its sole discretion. Keep consideration of other jamming groups, camp- and city-residents.

§ 10  Nights rest time

The beginning of nights rest time is defined for the nights fri/sat and sat/sun as of 03:00h and for the night sun/mon as of 01:00h.

§ 11  Electrical facilities

Microwave ovens, electrical ovens- barbecues etc. shall not be used. Exceptions may be possible, if approval is obtained from the organizers prior to arrival. The electrical network and the fusing is designed only for 6 Ah, thus the operation of devices (single use or switched together on one socket) consuming more than 1,2 kW per hour are not allowed.

§ 12  Sanitary / Garbage

All equipment must be treated with care and consideration. Leave the sanitary in a clean way, as you wish a sanitary to look like. Leave the sanitary in a clean state, as you wish a sanitary to look like. Waste must be separated into paper, plastic, glass and residual waste and must be taken home, unless there is an appropriate container available. Paper- and glass containers can be found on the adjacent parking lot. Disposing of chemical toilet waste from trailers and caravans is forbidden.

§ 13  Event site “Greven an die Ems”

The event site “Greven an die Ems” is provided by Greven Marketing. The access of the site is free of charge. The owner of the open-air restaurant provides services (beverages, meals) only for payment. The access of the stage area is only possible by approval of the organizer. It’s not allowed to take alcoholic beverages to the event site.

§ 14  Domestic authority

The organizer GrevenGrass e.V. exercises property rights (Domestic authority). He is entitled to expel campers from any breach of these terms or general laws of the place. In case of expelling there will be no refund of the entrance fee

§ 15  Liability of the organizer

The organizer is not liable for personal injury and damage or lost items. If the camp has to be closed due to force majeure or technical reasons, there is no recourse.

Greven, 01.11.2012,  GrevenGrass e.V.

Legal notice:

The english translation of this text is for informational purpose only, in case of legal dispute, the german text is legally valid.