The English translation of this text is for information purposes only; in the event of a dispute, the German text is legally valid!

§ 1 Name, registered office, financial year
(1) The association bears the name GrevenGrass e.V.

(2) The association is established in Greven (NRW).

(3) The association is registered at the district court in Steinfurt.

(4) The financial year is equal to the calendar year.

§ 2 Purpose

(1) The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes within the meaning of the chapter “Steuerbegünstigte Zwecke” of the Tax Code (§§ 51ff. The purpose of the association is to promote the cultural development of Bluegrass music through events, concerts, workshops and events conveying the historical foundations of Bluegrass music.

(2) The goal is mainly achieved through the organisation of an annual Bluegrass festival. This Bluegrass-festival is above all a meeting place for musicians, a concert for those interested in music, an information meeting on Bluegrass music.

§ Voluntariness
(1)The association does its work on a voluntary basis. Revenues obtained by organizing concerts, etc. and exceeding the costs of this event are only available for a follow-up event.

(2)Resources of the association may only be used for the purposes described in the statutes. The members of the association, in their capacity as members, may not receive any allocations from the association’s resources. If a member or a band in which a member is a club member receives an allowance for a performance, this may not exceed the usual allowances that other musicians receive. Lectures, workshops, etc. are performed by a member free of charge. A member is not entitled to any compensation (taking over travel expenses, accommodation costs, etc.), if a lecture, workshop, etc. has generated income for the association and the compensation does not exceed the income.

(3) Members may not receive any share from the assets of the Association upon resignation or dissolution of the Association.

(4) No person may be favoured by expenses that do not correspond to the purpose of the Association or by unreasonably high payments.

§ 4 Membership

(1) Any natural person may become a member of the association, provided that he or she supports the aims of the association.

(2)The Board or the General Assembly shall decide on the written application for membership of the Association by a simple majority in the Board or the General Assembly.

(3) Membership ends by resignation, exclusion or death.

(4) Termination of membership is only possible at the end of the calendar year. Notice of termination can only be given in writing to the president with a notice period of three months.

(5) Withdrawal from membership may only be pronounced if a member acts contrary to the statutes, regulations or resolutions of the Association or if the member unreasonably prejudices the Association. This shall be done by the Board, which shall inform the member of the decision as soon as possible, stating the reasons. The member concerned shall be entitled to appeal to the General Meeting within one month after receipt of the notification.

§ 5 Contributions
The members pay a contribution according to a decision of the members’ meeting.
 The amount and duration of the contribution shall be determined by a simple majority of the voting members present at the members’ meeting.

§ 6 Organs

Organs of the association are
(a) The Board
(b) General meeting of members

§ 7 The board

(1) The board consists of three members. It represents the association judicially and externally. Two board members are together authorized to represent the association.

(2) The board shall be elected by the members’ meeting for a term of one year. Re-election of the board members is possible. The chairman is determined in a special ballot of the general assembly. The current board members remain on the board after their term of office has expired until a successor has been elected.

(3) The board is responsible for the current affairs of the association. It has the following tasks: – coordination of the association activities – coordination of the annual Bluegrass festival – coordination of member activities – invitation to the general assembly. The board exercises its task voluntarily.

(4) Board meetings take place at least once a year. The invitation for a board meeting is sent in writing (email is sufficient) at least thirty days before the start of the meeting. Board meetings are authorized if at least two board members are present.

(5) The board takes its decisions by simple majority.

(6) Decisions of the board can be made by