Grevengrass Bluegrass-Festival
May 27/28 2023
We look forward to your visit!
Dear Grevengrass fans. Here are some information about the current situation of this year's festival: Due to the bookings for the camp that had already reached us so far, registration is available our website will no longer be possible. As most of you now know, the wonderful terrain between dike and Emsufer no longer available. As a result, the "tank" with its beach bar, the stage, as well as beer and restroom stalls on the Camp site/parking lot must be accommodated. Accordingly, we have to change our infrastructure spatially. Nevertheless, we have the option of accepting other guests beyond the camp visitors registered so far! For those who arrive unannounced, accommodation on the main camp site will not be possible. A Modest tent can always be tinkered somewhere in between. A camper or caravan and an awning are not. The parking lot at the hydrant is planned for this. We hope for your understanding and look forward to Pentecost. On to new shores !! Your Grevengrass team

Dear GrevenGrass friends.

This year on Pentecost the festival will continue – almost as usual. Some things will be different. We’ll keep you posted.

Emmy And The Bluegrass Pals (NL) - Only Saturday 5pm
Bunch Of Grass (DE) Saturday 6pm

Lineup 2023

Front Porch Picking (DE) Saturday 7pm / Sunday 6pm
Looping Brothers (DE) 8pm
The Alabama Strings (NL) - Only Sunday 5pm
Fog Holler (USA) Saturday 9pm / Sunday 10pm
Sally Jones And The Sidewinders (USA / CAN) Saturday 10 pm / Sunday 9pm

Always a great lineup!

Every year the team of
Grevengrass first class
international and German
Bands to the stage at the river Ems.

Longstanding Bluegrass Tradition

The annual Bluegrass Festival at Whitsun in Greven is one of the most traditional Bluegrass Festivals in Germany, which still brings thousands of visitors into contact with current and contemporary musicians of this genre.