Plakat GrevenGrass 2011


  • Oh My Darling (CAN)
  • Davidson Brothers (AUS)
  • Lilly Of The West (BUL)
  • Sacred Sound Of Grass (DE)
  • Rocks & Ivy (BE)
  • Downhill Bluegrass Band (SWE)
  • feat. Ivor Ottley (GB)
  • Looping Brothers (DE)
Presentation: Ronnie Snippe (NL)
oh my darling

Oh My Darling

Allison de Groot - Banjo, vocals
Rosalyn Dennett - Fiddle, vocals
Vanessa Kuzina - Vocals, guitar
Marie-Josée Dandeneau - Upright bass, vocals

More Information: Oh My Darling

Davidson Brothers


Hamish Davidson - Banjo, fiddle, mandolin, vocals
Lachlan Davidson - Banjo, fiddle, mandolin, vocals

More Information: Davidson Brothers

Lilly of the West

Lilly Drumeva - Vocal, guitar, fiddle, mandolin
Yassen Vassilev- Guitar
Michail Shishkov - Dobro, banjo, piano, harmonica

More Information: Lilly Of The West
Sacred Sound Of Grass

Sacred Sound Of Grass

Thilo Hain - Banjo, Guitar, vocals
Sam Hain - Mandoline, vocals
Alfred Bonk - Kontrabass, vocals
Heiko Ahrend - Guitar, vocals

More Information: Sacred Sounds Of Grass

Downhill Bluegrass Band

Jonas Kjellgren - Mandolin, vocals
Mikael Grund - Guitar, vocals
Kenneth Kjellgren - Banjo
Nicke Widen - Dobro
Kajsa Westin - Double bass, vocals
Adrian Jones - Occasionally on fiddle

More Information: Downhill Bluegrass Band

The Looping Brothers

Ulli Sieker - Vocals, Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar
Matthias Malcher - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo
Ralf Strotmann - Vocals, Bass

More Information: The Looping Brothers

Rocks & Ivy

Gerd van Loock - Banjo
David Buyle - Fiddle, vocals
Yves Aerts - Guitar, vocals
Jef van Peer - Upright bass, vocals
Jeroen Jongsma - Mandolin, vocals

More Information: Rocks & Ivy