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  • Looping Brothers
  • Stringtime
  • Downhill
  • East-West
  • Rocks & Ivy
  • Hillbilly Boogieman
  • Barnyard Fury
  • Growling Old Men
  • Kristy Cox
  • MR. Delray The Jukebox Cowboy and Friends
the blue grass boogiemen

Blue Grass Boogiemen

The Blue Grass Boogiemen are playing traditional bluegrass professionally since 1990. As the Hillbilly Boogiemen, they also play rockabilly and country, but as the Blue Grass Boogiemen they play strictly acoustic instruments standing around just one omni-directional microphone. Their show has proved to be very successful here in Europe. In Ireland they won the 'Waterford Crystal Bowl' for 'most popular band' at the Guinness International Bluegrass Festival, in Holland they won the 'Silver Fiddle Award' and the 'Gram Parsons Award' (eight times) both for best acoustic country/bluegrass band, and beat Alison Krauss to the number one spot in the 'Strictly Country' charts. 
Also in America, where they've been touring several times, people are very enthousiastic about their music.

The worldfamous fiddler Byron Berline once wrote: 'Your band was singled out as one of our 'don't miss', 'please have them back' and 'we love them' groups...' after they appeared at his international bluegrass festival in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Publications like 'The Washington Post', 'Bluegrass Europe', 'Bluegrass Now', or 'Bluegrass Unlimited' praise the musical skills of this band.

east west


East-West is a band from Slovakia and the Czech Republic founded in 2011. They play mostly modern bluegrass music influenced by other genres like folk music, new acoustic music, jazz etc. Their set list contains original songs and instrumentals as well as innovatively interpreted covers of some well known songs. Although the band is quite new, the musicians are well established personalities in European bluegrass music scene.

Filip Baťo (banjo)is a very talented multi-instrumentalist. He teaches banjo at bluegrass workshops. Filip recorded his own CD with original compositions and played with very successful Slovak band Meantime.

Michal Vavro (guitar, lead and harmony vocals)is a great musician who also deals with classical and folk music. He played with the famous Slovak band Fragment, recorded 2 CDs of his own compositions with Acoustic Colors project. Michal is very demanded guitar teacher at bluegrass workshops.

Ondra Kozák (mandolin, lead and harmony vocals) is another multi-instrumentalist in the band. He plays guitar with the band Fragment, he played guitar and fiddle with succesful Czech bands Křeni a Petr Brandejs Band. Ondra regularly teaches guitar at bluegrass workshops, he recorded 2 instructional guitar DVDs.

Erik Banič (bass, harmony vocals) is a very talented bass player who originally played mandolin and guitar in many bands. He also plays bass with another Czech-Slovak bluegrass band Rough and Rocky Road.

Downhill bluegrass band

Downhill Bluegrass Band

Downhill Bluegrass Band from Sweden are one of Europe’s most prodigious and respected bluegrass bands. They are a sixpiece band with full instrumental lineup and are known for their song writing skills, extraordinary instrumentalists and vocalists.They are highly regarded in both Europe and the USA, where they have toured several times since the band started in 1998. The band keeps the legacy and tradition in bluegrass, giving it a modern flare by exceptional song writing and performance.

Downhill originates from a part of Sweden that, historically as well as today, is marked by the mining industry and agriculture in poor soil, with cold winters and short summers. These life conditions have common grounds with Appalachian cultures, where Bluegrass music originates. This is evident in Downhill’s music.

Barnyard Fury

Barnyard Fury

Barnyard Fury is a rock based band with acoustic instruments, wildly mixing Punk, Rock, Ska, Blues and Bluegrass, a delightful mixture of covers and original material, so familiar and yet not. The Band has six regular members, most of them born and raised in the southern part of the Dalarna-region, where the mighty Dal River slows down through the forests and farmlands on its way to the sea. If you listen carefully you can actually hear the trees, the fields, and the river echoing in the music. The area is also known for its steel mills and some say that you can hear them too.This is a band at their best live on stage, furiously delivering the music of a lifetime before a stunned audience. They have done a lot of touring in the past, playing at festivals and other events around Sweden and they have also done a few gigs abroad, notably in Egypt.

So get yourself ready for a new musical experience. It’s hard not to like it!



At the GrevenGrass Festival Wouter Pothoven is replaced by one of the finest bluegrass musicians in Holland, Kevin Lynch (US). Stringtime consists of 5 musicians who met each other regularly at picking party's in the Netherlands. On the EWOB* in 2010, singer and mandolin player Hans Kelderhuis had the desire to create a new bluegrass band. In October of that year Stringtime was founded. Soon several appearances followed. The band for instance played gigs in Leiden, Groningen, Emmen, Spijkerboor, Hoogeveen and Bergen (Norway). They have been to Greven as well, however hiding as "audience" and playing at the jam sessions in the Camp, so we know them already!

Stringtime plays traditional bluegrass with uptempo songs and beautiful ballads. Some of the main features of Stringtime are their harmony-vocals and the enthousiasm on stage. The band gets their inspiration listening to the music of the Chapmans, the Gibson Brothers, Lazy Tater, the Dillards, the Johnson Mountain Boys and many others.

* EWOB = European World of Bluegrass Festival

Growling Old Men

Growling Old Men

The Growling Old Men is a trans-Atlantic string band collaboration, and a genuine celebration of tradition and experimentation. The band is based around the western American duo of Ben Winship (mandolin & vocals) and John Lowell (guitar & vocals) who have been touring and recording together since 1998. They sing like brothers and are both masters of their instruments, as well as well-respected songwriters. Their music is a collection of original and traditional bluegrass songs, ballads and tunes – informed equally by the Appalachian hills and the western plains.

With the addition of British musicians Leon Hunt (banjo) and Ben Somers (bass & vocals), the music takes on several new dimensions – making it bigger than the sum of its parts. What was once an intimate duo is now a hard driving bluegrass band; Huntʼs repertoire of Celtic instrumentals become fiery showcases of rhythm and improvisation; and who knows, Somers might even break out his clarinet if the spirit moves him.

“Lowell and Winshipʼs gentle, laid back approach to Bluegrass and Old-Time music combined with Hunt and Somer's smooth arrangements of Irish and American tunes is a match made in heaven!" – John Wirtz. In concert the Growling Old Men are engaging and spontaneous. Their shows include a blend of well-rehearsed material and few new songs hot off the press – they like to walk the edge of improvisational risk taking. They strive to contrast simplicity with complexity – all with good tone and a warm sense of humor.

Festivals, concerts and workshops have led these minstrels both near and far – from hometown cafes to A Prairie Home Companion, from Canada to the Shetland Islands. In 1998 the self-titled Growling Old Men was released, followed by Occupational Hazards in 2005 and Shuttle Diplomacy (featuring Leon Hunt) in 2008. Their newest CD, due out in the summer of 2013 is currently in production.

looping brothers

The Looping Brothers

They have played each GrevenGrass festival so far and we have called them our „house band“.

The Looping Brothers say that they felt at home here in Greven right from the start:

“We are amazed to see it grow from year to year. It’s a place both for the local and the international Bluegrass scene! We are proud and happy to be back in 2013."

The music of the Looping Brothers is real bluegrass music, complete with the sounds of guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and bass. Your ear will be tickled with the high lonesome sounds of the Appalachian mountains and the hillbilly backwoods and you’ll feel immediately at home with the authenticity of the music, but your ears will also savor a flavor of Westphalian humor as the trio winds its way through melodies and songs. In the fiddle tunes and breakdowns and the soulful songs of the mountains you’ll be impressed by the tasteful licks and the tight harmonies for which the Looping Brothers are known and recognized all across Europe and in the USA. The Loopings love American bluegrass of the 1940s and 1950s, so you’ll be hearing many of those classic tunes. In addition to some mighty fine originals, expect selections by folks like the Carter Family, the Louvin Brothers, Charlie and Bill Monroe, Vernon Dalhart and Benny Williams. It will all be a lot of fun!

Mr. Delray

Mr. Delray

GrevenGrass 2012. During the breaks, when the stage was prepared for the next gig, a guitar player and singer performed. He was unknown to most of the audience. I just have to tell you, all the ladies hearts melted! Ok, it has not been Bluegrass, but it has not been the schmaltzy country songs, it has been authentic old songs.

Gerrit Biesterbos, alias Mr. Delray fascinates with his soft and distinctive voice. A man and a guitar, you don't need more! His singing is authentic and reminds you of the old heroes of old time music. His repertoire comprises newer songs as well. The diversity of his repertoire made him the "The Jukebox Cowboy". The name Mr. Delray derives from the 58' Chevrolet Delray, which is the pride of Gerrit. In 2012 this Chevy stood in front of the stage during the Matinee.

'Why don't you let him play at the Festival?' we have been ask several times. Here is the solution, Gerrit will play a short set on saturday and the matinee on sunday. Be sure he wan't play alone for the whole time, some bluegrassers will join him! Look forward to Mr. Delray!

rocks Ivy

Rocks & Ivy

Watching a concert by Rocks & Ivy is one of those rare experiences. Rare because it's real.

Though based in Europe, some seven thousand kilometres away from the home of Bluegrass, Rocks & Ivy still deliver an authentic experience devoid of the usual clichés and traps that many European artists with a taste for Americana fall into. They play straight, they play with groove and they play in the pocket.

Hailing from various parts of Belgium and the Netherlands, Rocks & Ivy is a band that have been honing their talents for many years prior to coming together. Having done their time in various different outfits from Country to Swing to Cajun, and of course as members in some of the most prominent Bluegrass acts Europe has known, each musician of Rock & Ivy has developed their particular instrument to flawless standards. Crisp and clean virtuosity, all executed on some of the most beautifully sounding acoustic instruments you are likely to hear.

Listening to Rocks & Ivy, one can't help but feel a vitality to what they do. They do not deny the Bluegrass tradition; rail-roads are still being built, love is still proclaimed and lost, there may even be some songs of the rural south. However, their music is played with a contemporary freshness and feeling that comes from a love of the music itself before anything else. This isn't five guys lamenting the 'good old days' of the Grand 'Ole Opry, cowboy hats and Martha White Flower adverts, this is five musicians just doing what they love; playing music that means something to them and playing it well.

kristy cox

Kristy Cox

She is well known in Australia since a long time. Even as a young girl she got a lot of awards and nominations of country music. Her songs are often listed in the australian charts. After months of barroom gigs, Kristy decided to pursue a singing career in the direction of acoustic music, which was heavily influenced by her travels overseas and being exposed to such artists as Lee Ann Womack, Patty Loveless, Rhonda Vincent and Alecia Nugent. Her last album 'miles and timezones precisely shows this change.

This talented South Australian girl’s bright personality has seen her take home five Victorian & National Country Music Awards in 2011 with her previous album ‘Breaking New Ground’, including Victorian Entertainer of the Year in her new home state. Credited for her performance and song writing capabilities, Kristy has been a finalist for the Australian Country Songwriter in 2011. The best prerequisites for a gig at the GrevenGrass! Be overwhelmed of the enchanting singing and the charming Kristy Cox. By the way, the fiddle and mandolin player in her band is no one else than Lachlan Davidson. Lachlan had been to GrevenGrass two years ago with his band Davidson Brothers. We are happy to have him here again!