GrevenGrass Plakat 2014 lounge 2014

  • Ronnie Snippe presenteert:
    "Bluegrass meets local Musicians" das "Lounge-Konzert"
  • Close to Home (NL)
  • Cardboard Fox (GB)
  • The Country Pickers (CH)
  • Bill Faster (SK)
  • Sacred Sounds of Grass (D)
  • De Stroatklinkers (NL)
  • Dunderhead (S)
  • Amy Gallatin and Stillwater (USA)
  • Matinee "Tara Linda" (Country Swing, Americana)
Cardboard Fox

Cardboard Fox

are hard to categorise. All four musicians have roots in bluegrass music but their collective influences reach much further and this shows in their music. Formed in late 2013, the band have known each other for much longer but have been waiting for the right opportunity to make it work. All that was needed was for everyone to be in the right place and Joe's moving from Norwich to Bath was the catalyst that allowed it to happen.

This is a group of musicians who are very, very excited about what this line up can create and that's what makes this acoustic quartet so special. With a focus on original writing and re-imagined folk songs taken from a very different perspective, this band is not to be missed

amy galalgin

Amy Gallatin & Stillwater

The powerhouse duo of Amy Gallatin and renowned resophonic guitarist Roger Williams—20 and 40 year veterans of the New England music scene--joined forces a few years ago to explore their mutual love of country standards, served up with an acoustic treatment in the bluegrass vein. The result is a toe-tapping blend of heartfelt vocals, soaring harmonies and red-hot picking, traditional yet modern and distinct.

Americana radio host Ed McKeon says: "Amy's vocals, with the power and tone of her voice, are tempered by Roger's baritone which has been sanded smooth by cigarettes and, shall we say, maturity. The song selections are perfect, the harmonies glorious, the sentiments wonderfully maudlin (like any good old country song)."

The two are enhanced on mandolin and vocals by Roger's son, Berklee College of Music student JD, who--in the time-honored tradition of musical consanguinity complements his father's style perfectly--and by veteran bassist Eric Levenson, formerly with Joe Val and the New England Bluegrass Boys and later with Boston City Limits.

angelina darland

Angelina Darland & The Moonshine Brothers

Angelina Darland & The Moonshine Brothers was formed in March 2013 in Gothenburg,

Sweden. Their music is a modern type of bluegrass, and they mainly perform with their own material. Angelina and Mikael’s songs speak right to the heart and together with the distinct banjo and the hardcore bluegrass guitar they truly create something special. The band participated at "European World Of Bluegrass" in Voorthuizen, The Netherlands in

2013 and won the second prize. They spent the following summer playing at festivals in Sweden and have become well-known to the bluegrass audience in Scandinavia. Angelina Darland & The Moonshine Brothers is in the process of making their first album, and will be performing at festivals across Europe in 2014.

sacred sound

Sacred Sounds of Grass

set a counterpoint in times of the electronic sounds by performing pure acoustic. The bands sound character is just vocal and instrumental perfection.

The international reputation of SACRED SOUNDS OF GRASS is to be the most authentic bluegras band outside the US! They perform on stage with lots of experience since 1979, when the band was founded. Their steadyness proofs the quality of the musicians, which can't be missed on the international stages.

The bands four released Records and CD's set new standards in european bluegrass music, and have been highly awarded by international juries.

SACRED SOUNDS OF GRASS performed live in numerous Radio shows and TV productions.

Three US-tours in 1989, 1990 and 1993 mark surely the highlight in band history.The band performed at the most renowned bluegrass festivals in the states. Following this experience a lot of musical friends were made and a lot of US artists engaged the SACRED SOUNDS OF GRASS as their backing band for their european tour, thus proofing the bands high standard.

Bill faster

Bill Faster

Our band comes from a long history of friendships and musical experiences. We met for the first time in 1997, when Richard, Michal, and Milan put together a band called 29 Strings. We also played together at the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) festival (Nashville 2009) where we started talking about the future our music careers. But life sent us on different paths and we parted ways in 2010. However, we continued playing special projects with musicians from the US (2011 - 2012 Jonathan Maness and 2013 Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley). After the January Mountain Tour in 2013 with Dale Ann and Steve, we meet a few times to play together and the outcome of our meetings was the creation of a fresh new band named after Richard’s tune “BILL FASTER”. The concept of the band is to combine a traditional bluegrass background (“Bill” as in Bill Monroe - the father of bluegrass music) with new music ideas (“Faster” – new contemporary sounds). We hope you will like our concept and music.



In 2010, the Dutch Bluegrass band, De Stroatklinkers, celebrated their 20th year jubilee, in a unique way…. they visited 20 different villages and towns in the county of Groningen on the same day, and performed a 20 minute concert in each one, followed by an evening concert for about 350 people. The band, now in their 24th year, plays a wide range of acoustic music, from Bluegrass and Country, through to Irish folk, and music from the 1950’s and 1960’s. They have released 6 Cd’s to date, mainly with self-penned songs, but also play covers of songs from Ede Staal, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and many more. All played in the bands own unique musical style.

De Stroatklinkers can cater for any size of venue, from small living room concerts, through to large festivals, such as in Lithuania in 2000, where they played in front of around 40,000 music lovers. They have also played in Switzerland and Germany.

Playing around the single microphone, their show is always fun packed, and full of humour!!!

the Country Pickers

The Country Pickers

The Country Pickers had been a Swiss Country- and Bluegrass band with a very long tradition, starting in the late fifties! The band lived on to 1996. Then the band broke up after such a long time, the musicians simply felt to old to play on stage.

So it was a little sensation, when one the youngest of the former members, Paolo Dettwiler and four other swiss bluegrass musicians announced the reunion of the Country Pickers in 2011. They planned for just some selected performances, to play the sound of the old Country Pickers again. But it seems, that they will have to play a lot more, because their old fans and the new ones want more of them. They are already booked for several festivals and venues!

The Country Pickers are happy to be on the road again and look forward to all their old and new fans and friends.

close to home

Close to Home

is a Bluegrass and Folk Band from the northern Netherlands. The Band was founded in 2002 by Liz Meesters-Janssen and her dad Rienk Janssen. During the years the band evolved from a duo to a quartet. The musical range of Close to home streches from sad, melodic folk songs to fast and driving bluegrass songs. Most of these songs are written by the band and show a lot of autobiography.

All the band members have a different musical background, but the bluegrass joined them to a dictinctive harmonic group with a unique sound.

They proofed this in the last years, when playing several festivals in Zuidlaren (NL), Emmen (NL) and the well known “Boet´n Deure” in Odoorn (NL).

And they did some 'small but nice' kind of private performances as well. Liz Meesters and her friends look forward to the GrevenGrass Bluegrass audience and hope to inspire all of them.

Tara Lnda

Tara Linda and Tortilla Western

play wildwest Americana, the songs of the southwest american desert states - rancheras, tex-mex, walzes, boleros, blues, country- and train-songs. Their original texas music made it no. 12 of the US radio charts and reached the 20 in the european americana charts.

Tara started her carreer in Austin, Texas, as a drummer in rock- and punkbands. Soon she discovered the bass and the baritone ukelele.

After moving to California she fell in love with the button accordion, the most famous instrument used in Texas.

Sponsored by the german accordion manufacturer Hohner, Tara Lindas winning smile can be seen throughout the world on their big advertising posters. She performs on stage with Flaco Jimenez and tours with "Los Texmaniacs". Tara Linda has been a featured artist in the Accordion Babes Pinup Calendar/CDs- each a wildly successful “fun, girl-powered makeover for the accordion.

Mexican style skirts, boots and flowers in her hair or a Stetson hat are part of her shows, but most amazing is her warm, sultry voice, a bit shy, a bit coquettish. Whether solo or backed by a full band; Tara Linda captivates.