Grevengrass poster 2015


  • Dunderhead (S)
  • Rawhide (B)
  • 4Wheel Drive (NL/D/B)
  • Growling Old Men (USA)
  • Die Ahrends (D)
  • Halden 5 (D)
  • Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (USA)

    Presentation: Marjan Klein-Sibum (NL)


Of course we said „yes“, when they said they'd be willing to come back to GrevenGrass 2015!!After their mind-blowing appearance on our stage in 2014 everybody couldn't wait to welcome them back at the festival. When we first booked them last year, we didn't know of their new name, nor that they would win #1 European Bluegrass Band 2014 at the EWOB in Voorthuizen, NL.The band started out as „Angelina Darland & The Moonshine Brothers“ in Gothenburg and renamed themselves to Dunderhead last year. Ever since then they are on their way to international recognition and fame, playing festivals all over scandinavia and across Europe.Their music is a modern type of bluegrass, and they mainly perform with their own material. Angelina and Mikael’s songs speak right to the heart and together with the distinct banjo and the hardcore bluegrass guitar they truly create something special.

If we're lucky, they'll bring their first album along with their great show!


Growling Old Men

Growling Old Men

They've been to GrevenGrass before: for one appearance in 2013. And now they are back for the whole festival in 2015. Ben Winship (mandolin & vocals) and John Lowell (guitar & vocals) are playing music together since 1998. They will be joined by German bassplayer Thomas Kärner.The Growling Old Men really enjoy playing music together. Ben Winship and John Lowell are both veterans of the Northern Rockies’ acoustic music world and have been performing and recording together for a long time. Together the duo presents a tight, yet relaxed set of original and traditional bluegrass songs, ballads and tunes – informed equally by the music of the Appalachian hills and the western plains.In concert the Growling Old Men are engaging and spontaneous as they make a big sound for two guys. Their shows include a blend of well-rehearsed material and few new songs hot off the press – they like to walk the edge of improvisational risk taking. The duo strives to contrast simplicity with complexity; all with good tone and a warm sense of humor.Festivals, concerts and workshops have led these minstrels both near and far – from hometown cafes to A Prairie Home Companion, from Canada to the Shetland Islands. In 1998 the self-titled Growling Old Men was released, followed by Occupational Hazards in 2005.When in the UK, they frequently collaborate with Leon Hunt (banjo) with whom they produced (More) Growling Old Men: Shuttle Diplomacy in 2008. Their CDs are truly a joint effort with the lead singing, harmony, songwriting and picking duties shared throughout. These have earned them rave reviews from fans, djs and the press alike. Right now they are working on their next production and we're quite curious, if the might have it with them at the festival.


Four Wheel Drive

Four Wheel Drive

We're immensely proud to present this multi-award-winning band in Greven for the first time this year. Based in Utrecht (NL) this group around master-fiddler Joost van Es features Top Bluegrass-musicianship from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. They have been making friends and fans all over continental Europe and also in the UK, Ireland and USA.  Their new CD, Traveling kind, will be available at the festival.  The European bluegrassband ‘4 Wheel Drive’ is probably the most talked-about and lauded European bluegrass group of this past decade. They have achieved great popularity without diluting or jazzing up this intriguing brand of Americana music that’s becoming more popular every day. In 2000 their first album 'No doubt about it' was released on Rounder Europe. This CD got things really going for the band. Bluegrass Unlimited, the most popular American bluegrass magazine, published a highlight review and a full length article on this Group.
In 2002 - they won 'Best European Bluegrass Band Award' at the EWOB (European World of Bluegrass) and they were sent to the States to represent Europe at the world famous 'World of Bluegrass-festival', where they received standing ovations at the fanfair . They also performed at The Station Inn in Nashville, the American mecca of bluegrass music but also at the Cobblestone, one of the oldest and prestigious folk venues in Dublin. In the last two consecutive years (2006, 2007) this band also won the Audience Popularity Award at the annual Ewob festival in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands.
Their repertoire is a keen mixture of hardcore bluegrass, some country flavoured songs and some more old-timey celtic sounding instrumentals mixed with some surprising a capella-songs, all played and sung with a remarkable kind of well controlled power.
In the last couple of years they were considered a revelation at prestigious festivals like the Athy Bluegrass Festival in Ireland, te Omagh Appalachian & Bluegrass music Festival in Northern Ireland as well as the Bluegrass & Celtic Music Festival in Namur (B).
4Wheel Drive has been playing a theatre show in Holland during the last 5 years, called ‘Somewhere Between – American Tunes’.
In this show they performed together with female singer Jolanda Peters. As a result of this succesfull collaboration Jolanda was invited to sing a song on the new 4WD cd, and has been performing with the band on many other occasions. 4 Wheel Drive prefers to play for just one microphone which adds an entertaining effect to their show.




Here comes one great European Band that we tried to persuade to come to Greven for a long time now. We're tickled and anxiously looking forward to see this amazing show happen right here on the beaches in Greven. Their perfect arrangements and musical skills paired with wonderful vocal blends made them ambassadors of Bluegrass Music on stages all over Europe in the last 35 years. A broad repertoire beyond the boundaries of traditional Bluegrass, 6 -part harmony singing and a great sense of humor add to the fascination that is all part of a Rawhide show. Looking forward …



Halden Music – Halden 5 – Happy American Root Music

Every year GrevenGrass presents a newcomer band to the festival audience. This year we are proud to have “Halden5” from the old coalmining district of Gelsenkirchen to open our 7. Festival for us.

Halden Music-these are 5 musicians who love to pick and sing and who inspire their listeners with a broad repertoire from Oldtime and American Folk music over to Bluegrass, Western Swing and beyond. They'll adapt to their venues and perform as a trio, quartet or quintet.

In Greven we will enjoy them in their large 5-piece outfit along with (twin-)fiddler Jonas Lisenfeld. It's said to become a moody experience and musical fireworks...


Jeff Scroogins

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado (USA)

Coming from the Rocky Mountains to Germany: Jeff Scroggins & Colorado is a high energy, high mountain “bluegrass explosion,” that features the amazing banjo playing of Jeff Scroggins. Jeff’s fiery style and lightning fast licks have earned him many fans worldwide, and have left many a first time listener in stunned disbelief! It also features the award winning mandolin playing of Jeff’s son Tristan Scroggins. Tristan is also an accomplished songwriter, and his and Jeff’s original instrumentals play a large role in the band’s unique and energetic sound.

The band also features incredible bluegrass vocals, led by the powerful voice of frontman Greg Blake. Greg has twice been nominated for SPBGMA’s “Traditional Male Vocalist of the Year” award, and his phenomenal bluegrass guitar playing has earned him 9 nominations and an amazing 5 consecutive wins as SPBGMA’s Guitarist of the Year!


Die Ahrends

Die Ahrends

For many years they lived in different areas of Germany and could rarely be heard together. Now, after Heiko moved back to their hometown Leer, they formed this new band, along with Stephanie Pepperell on bass and Paul van Vlodrop on five-string-banjo. True Bluegrass is their music, the high lonesome sound and a strong rhythm. The striking sound of Heiko's guitar, Hendrik's mandolin and the singing of two brothers.