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  • Hickory Project (USA)
  • Hanny Hill & Blue Night(D)
  • Monroe Crossing (USA)
  • Sons of Navaronne (B)
  • Two of a Kind (D)
  • Kristy Cox
  • Nashville Blue (D) )


Hicjory Project

Hickory Project (USA)

What started as a routine experiment has turned into a revolutionary project, henceforth known as Hickory Project. Formed in 2001, the band features hard-driving traditional and original acoustic music deeply rooted in bluegrass. They have captivated audiences throughout Europe and the US, and even as far away as Australia. As musical ambassodors they‘re taking their music wordwide. Hickory Project is a powerhouse of musical prowess.
Anthony Hannigan (mandolin, vocals) is one of the fastest mandolin pickers on earth. With its seemingly endless variety in picking the mandolin he defines the sound oft he band and gives their music the right innovative drive.
His wife, Jillian Hannigan (flute, vocals) has her musical roots in classical, folk and Celtic music.. She combines her love of early jazz, Celtic, bluegrass, and jamming to bring a vibrant and distinct dimension to the band.
Steve Belcher (acoustic bass) is originally from England.He began his music involvement playing drums, which drove his passion for rhythm. Playing the bass was a natural evolution from this start. Steve has been providing rock solid rhythm since HP's inception and is undoubtedly the foundation of Hickory Project.
Ed leak (banjo, vocals) has been performing professionally in various bands since age 15. Rhythm guitar and pedal steel are other instruments Ed loves to play. More recently he has taken up the mandolin. At age 13, his parents surprised him with a banjo for Christmas, and he hasn’t been the same since! With a lot of ambition and hard work, he became one of the most recognized banjo players in the scene.
Josh Sudigala (guitar) is the newest member of HP. His grandfather, an accomplished banjo player, took Josh to every local bluegrass event.  Despite his grandfather’s influence, at age 14, Josh began playing electric guitar, and rock n roll. But within a few years, the bluegrass bug bit. Josh quickly transitioned into bluegrass, and more importantly, flatpicking. That quintessential bluegrass style has become his one true passion in life.
Whether it is straight-forward traditional or a flare for the new realm in acoustic music, Hickory Project is a tour-de-force.

More information: Hickory Project


Hanny Hill & Blue Night

Hanny Hill & Blue Night(D)

Hanny Hill & Blue Night is bluegrass made in Germany.
The classic line-up with banjo, mandolin, guitar and bass, is creating the right setting for frontlady Hanny Hill. A pseudonym with a distinctive voice and strong musical presence. Typical for their sound are the background vocals of the band. You can feel their joy and love for the music.
Although the musicians are wellknown in rock and popmusic, they have found "home" in the Bluegrass scene.
Frank Hölscher is an experienced musician and with his mandoline brings the proper dynamics to the band. His vocal contribution has the special quality.
Ansgar Schult (guitar) has been known in the bluegrass scene for a long time and founded the legendary Beutling Brothers many years ago. Volker Wasmuth (5-String Banjo) was often in North Carolina and in other corners of the United States to learn to play the banjo from the best bluegrass banjoplayers. Axel Schütze (Bass) is the calming influence in the transition.
All musicians are bringing their experiences from rock and country music, and  incorporate it in "Hanny Hill & Blue Night" which marks their own sound.

More Information: Hanny Hill & Blue Night


Monroe Crossing

Monroe Crossing (USA)

Named in honor of Bill Monroe, "The Father of Bluegrass Music", Monroe Crossing dazzles audiences with an electrifying blend of classic bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, and heartfelt originals. Their superb musicianship and on-stage rapport have entertained audiences across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Monroe Crossing plays an average of 150 shows a year in intimate rooms, at major venues, and outdoor festivals. They are favorites among connoisseurs bluegrass and non-bluegrass audiences alike.

Monroe Crossing is made up of five very distinct personalities with differing musical backgrounds. Among their many honors, Monroe Crossing was awarded "Bluegrass Album of the Year" by the Minnesota Music Academy in 2003. In 2007, they were inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. They have twice been selected to showcase at the annual “World of Bluegrass” convention hosted by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) and they have appeared twice at Carnegie Hall in New York City. In may 2016, Monroe Crossing will be performing at the annual GrevenGrass Festival at the Emsbeach.

More Information: Monroe Crossing


Sons of Navarone

Sons of Navaronne (B)

The Sons of Navarone are an established and award winning Belgian bluegrassband. They have performed at Cultural Centres, festivals and clubs all over Europe, and were voted Best European Bluegrass Band 2012. They deliver a fully professional show with traditional and contemporary music combined with their very special humor. You don’t need to know much about the music to be very well entertained. Bluegrass music had developed from its roots in the USA into being recognized as a world music and Belgium had made an impact in this world with the recent film “The Broken Circle Breakdown” which had Bluegrass music at the heart of its story. It had gathered praise from far and wide and is currently under consideration for nomination to the Academy Awards as the best foreign film. Songs from the film are featured in the repertoire of the Sons who appeared (briefly!) as background musicians in the film. The “Sons” are musicians who have played in other musical genres as well as Bluegrass, from Folk to Classical, from Barbershop to Irish but they all have a love for Bluegrass music and have been playing it for many years. They are Guido Bos, vocals and contrabass, Thierry Schoysman, vocals and mandolin (last year on the GrevenGrass stage with Rawhide), Yves Aerts, vocals and guitar (has been on stage in Greven before with Rocks and Ivy) .. all Belgian.. and Paul van Vlodrop from the Netherlands on vocals and banjo (he also is nog stranger in Greven as he was on stage last year with the Ahrends)

More Informatio: Sons of Navarone
two of a kind

Two of a Kind (D)

Stephanie Pepperell and Katja Wilken are "Two of a kind". They present themselves as a perfectly coordinated duo with a musical mix of bluegrass, country and folk. Now and then they through in a classic pop song in bluegrass style, or even take a trip to some Rock'n'Roll. With great pleasure and joy they treat their audience to a colourfull program. It’s not always easy for  duo performing on a big stage with no band to back them up. Fortunately Stephanie already has experience with the Emsbeach. Last year’s festival she joined  the Ahrend brothers on stage. On bass she was standing somewhat in the background but was not left unnoticed.
With Katja she now is taking the spotlight. Two of a Kind’s interpretations of the most well-known pieces, will take you away on a wonderful musical journey. Each song is given a personal touch. Enjoy and feel their humor and love fort he music. Sometimes two musicians speak louder than a whole band.
We are looking forward to GrevenGrass’s opening act this year!

Kristy Cox

Kristy Cox

Kristy Cox is not a stranger in town. In 2013 she inspired the audience when performing on stage during the 5th GrevenGrass Festival. This time she’ll be bringing a few new musicians from overseas with her and will be forming her own Eurotour band along with European musicians.
Kristy Cox is the new voice in Australian bluegrass. Adored for her youthful energy infused acoustic country/bluegrass, she has been awarded with radio success and accolades for her talent. Having signed her first record deal in the USA with bluegrass label Pisgah Ridge. Kristy has been focusing her efforts on her last album ‘Living For The Moment’ which was released in Feb 2014 and has saw her nominated for three 2015 Australian Country Music Awards for Female Artist of the Year, Bluegrass Recording of the Year and Alternate Country Album of the Year, and seeing her win the first ever Bluegrass Recording of the Year with her single ‘One Heartbreak Away’. With a string of number 1 hits on Radio and Country Music Television in Australia, Kristy was recently named Female Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the year at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards with her last release ‘Miles and Timezones’.’ Kristy is set to record a brand new bluegrass album this spring which she’ll be presenting in Greven.
Kristy is travelling back and forth between Australia and music city Nashville USA, with her husband, American Country Singer Travis List. In May she’ll be making a stop at Greven, for her 2nd appearance on the Greven Grass Festival.
More Information: Kristy Cox
Nashville Blue

Nashville Blue  (D)      

Last year Jürgen Biller was on stage with 4 Wheel Drive on the 7th GrevenGrass Festival. And as it goes, anyone who has ever played in Greven obviously wants to come back. This year he is playing in a different formation.Nashville Blue is the name of the band, with experienced musicians from the German country / bluegrass scene.
The trio from the "Southern Alemannic" stands for an authentic bluegrass sound and instrumental class .. With the songs of the grand master Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs and the Stanley Brothers and own songs and interpretations of selected pieces, they inspire their audience.
Jürgen Biller is a leading banjo player  in Europe and has been performing on international stages for more than 30 years now. He has accompanied American Stars and is also a respected teacher in Banjo Camps.
Guitar virtuoso and lead singer Christoph Reif impresses the audience with stylish solos
and selected songs.
Completing the sound of Nashville Blue is Ludwig Grimm on bass. Its high
Tenor voice provides the perfect harmony to Christopher's lead vocals.

Nashville Blue - Handmade music, honest and genuine!

More Information: Nashville Blue