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Old Time Hayride

Old Time Hayride

Erwin and Simon first crossed musical paths in 2010 at the EWOB festival (European World of Bluegrass) at a guitar workshop where they had the chance to collaborate for the very first time. It proved to be the very first of many collaboration's to come.

The boys discovered their mutual passion for traditional Bluegrass music. Their combined Musical Style is deeply rooted in the Appalachian Hills of Virginia and Kentucky. This mountain style music has since been their biggest bond and fomented the inception of Old Time Hayride. Bringing the sound of the Stanley Brothers, Charlie and Bill Monroe, Lonesome Pine Fiddlers and many of the other Pioneering icons of Early Bluegrass Music.

Though their choice of repertoire is "old-timey" their authentic style is not considered Old Time music. The band name assimilates the old country music show names of the 30's 40's and 50's out of the Bluegrass Hey Days, likened unto such as the Louisiana Hayride", a well-known famous collaboration that made popular radio broadcast throughout the 1940's and 50's.

Erwin is from the town of Enter, in the Netherlands, his part is playing the mandolin and guitar, and lead vocals. His strong Baritone voice is the perfect addition to Simon's high Tenor background singing. Simon is from Hamburg, Germany. His part is playing rhythm and backbone on Guitar.

Old Time Hayride is all about the fervor of these two country Gentlemen for the heartfelt Appalachian mountain style of singing and playing their stirring live performances. Their second performance at the EWOB netted

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Swedish bluegrass band with a passion for vocal harmonies, Americana/ folkmusic and a little bit of glamour….

Hillfillies, consists of Lina Gamble (guitar/ dobro), Anne Christenson (banjo), Kajsa Westin (double bass) and Edith Lundahl (Mandolin).

The “Hillfillie sound” has been much praised by the audience who love their mixture of modern female harmony vocals and classical bluegrass instruments. Hillfillies´ repertoire includes traditional bluegrass/ country songs, and many original compositions.

Since the debut album, “Just passing through” released in 2007, Hillfillies have played all the big bluegrass venues in Sweden and toured in Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, France and the UK.  Their latest CD, “There she goes”-14, got splendid reviews and include many original songs as well as some of Hillfillies favourite covers.


"This album is a must for your CD-collection" "..a wonderful example of Bluegrass heaven!" "…impressive originals" "…lovely, tuneful songs that incorporate effective instrumental lines and gorgeous vocal harmonies" "..Hillfillies delivery on each track is faultless" "..the band maintain high standards throughout this album, using expressive, gentle but confident and honest bluegrass musicianship" (British Bluegrass Music Association)"

"Buy this CD if you like bluegrass singing with excellent harmonies, you won't be disappointed!" (Smalands Countryclub) "

"One of the best bluegrass bands in Sweden!"There She Goes" is really high level bluegrass!" (Countrywood)"

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This Swedish band build their sound and repertoire around the songwriting of Steve Ericsson. Although Steve always has been close to Americana music - his songwriting has lately been more geared towards bluegrass music. Touring in USA and Europe with American artists has given Steve a solid understanding of the American folk, rock and pop music.

With the sound of the banjo playing of Anders Ternesten, FOLKTOWN definitely delivers modern bluegrass music, but you will hear influences from other kinds of folk and pop music as well. The band focus on great lead and harmony singing.

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The Silverettes

Rockabilly at its finest! ... This brilliant development was not foreseeable when the ladies initially got together as the background choir of the Rock’n’Roll ensamble The Golden Boys. In 2010 the Silverettes got independent and four years later, the splendid titled debut "Real Rock ' n ' Roll Chicks" could be found in real and digital stores. After appearances in the support act program of relevant acts like Dick Brave & the Backbeats, Boppin' B. or the BossHoss, the troop was quickly considered as an insider tip. With perfectly three-voice vocals the triumvirate mastered the leap from support to Headline act. An absolute novelty in rock ' n ' roll. Especially since the current rockabilly scene is still only too happy to hold on to overcome role clichés: still more than a few of the fussy pomaded hair quiff wearers think of women as solely ornamental art. In this respect, the Silverettes “Talk Dirty” can also be seen as a contribution to emancipation.

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Steam Power

Steam Power

Four kindred spirits in a musical meeting. From Thorshavn to an old barn in the light of the blue moon the steam engine picks up speed. Along the way on a bed of strings stories are told and melodies are shared. Looking for the purest note on a journey that never ends. All band members take their turn as lead- singers, and all band members have done their part in composing the music they play. These musicians all plaid literally most anywhere and can be heard on many albums. In the scene hey've worked with Bill Clifton and his band, Lou Reid & Carolina, 4Wheel Drive, Blue Grass Boogie Men, Si Kahn, Looping Brothers, and many more, as well as excuisit names outside the scene, like Magna Carta, Sean Shehan, Iain Matthews, and inside the Netherlands with many, many more. But it is without the big names that the magic really happens. Steam Power plays original bluegrass and bluegrass influenced repertoire – for some songs review writers even called it ‘blues-grass’ - with beautiful lyrics and instrumental virtuosity. Their album titled ‘Steampower’ received the finest comments they ever could have asked for.

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Red Herring

The Red Herring

Folk roots, americana, murder ballads, love songs, and kickass tunes

Red Herring is knee deep in the roots tradition, while firmly rooted in modern times. Whether it be folk, bluegrass, country, or americana, the Herrings can make their home in any of these styles. Red Herring shares musical stories, age-old traditional tunes, original compositions, flaming improvized solo breaks, intense vocal harmonies, and an open and honest atmosphere in which audience members can feel free to be emotionally moved or just have fun. What started out in 2012 as a duo with Arthur Deighton (Deighton Family Band, Kids on the Mountain) and Joram Peeters (Meilof, Throat Wobbler Mangrove) quickly became a trio after they asked Loes van Schaijk (Waterflow, Lucy & The Man) to be a guest musician on their first studio album, The Mountain Valley Sessions (2013). At the time of their second album, Live At Volver (2014), the three musicians and their instruments—including an 1.80 meters long double bass and a 2 metres tall fiddle player—got around in a Ford Focus. But who would have thought that they would be able to fit a fourth multi-instrumentalist into that car? As had happened with Loes before him, Dutch bluegrass legend Paul van Vlodrop (who has shared the stage with the likes of Byron Berline, Bill Keith, and Vince Gill in his 40 year track record as a musician) was originally hired as a guest musician for Red Herring’s third album Here To Distract You (expected: September 2017) but decided to stick around. Now that’s what you call a good catch, right? Personnel Arthur Deighton - vocals, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki Joram Peeters - vocals, fiddle, mandolin, bouzouki Paul van Vlodrop - vocals, 5-string banjo, mandolin, guitar Loes van Schaijk - vocals, double bass Discography The Mountain Valley Sessions (2013) ... an album for the attentive listener looking for good stories. Forget about Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers, this is the real thing! - Live At Volver (2014) ... Red Herring are a Dutch band that tip their combined hats at bluegrass and trad in a way only European string bands can. Unrestricted by the genre police they drift through all our favorite acoustic styles on this 13 track studio-recorded ‘live’ album - lonesome highway Here To Distract You (expected September 2017) ... access the press release for our third album by clicking here... Awards #1 audience appreciation award Bluegrass Beeg 2014 #2 audience appreciation award European World of Bluegrass 2015.

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Hanny Hill

Hanny Hill & Blue Night

Bluegrass From the RhinelandThe banjo rolls, the mandolin sounds dance, the acoustic guitar and the bass provide the perfect rhythm. Then comes lead singer Hanny Hill with her clear, dynamic voice. She's pushing the boys forward.

"Hanny Hill & Blue Night" Bluegrass-Music dedicated to this with the Sound that is at home in North Carolina and Kentucky and has now conquered the whole world. The band from the Rhineland plays the music for many years and places value on clear, polyphonic vocals.

Suddenly you have the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in mind, Juicy meadows and smoky Bars, lonely cowboys and beguiling saloon girls. And the five have lots of pop songs in their luggage, which they Bluegrass-style have arranged: Michaels Jackson's "Billie Jean" or John Travoltas "You ´ re The One That I Want".

"Hanny Hill & Blue Night"-suddenly you feel the carefreeness of the perfect summer day: A wooden house in North Carolina, the gentle wind from the south and the loosely beaded BluegrassSound.

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