Press release published on 2008-11-11

GrevenGrass - The legacy of Neusüdende

The Neusüdende-Festival is no more. This has led to a vacuum in the scene, which will be filled up now.

Thus on the 13th of September, 2008, a group of bluegrass enthusiasts gathered in Greven, to take up the legacy of the Neusüdende-Festival. They founded an association, the official registration and tax concessions status will be given soon. The association, lead by Olaf Gläsmer, Ulli Sokoll and Thomas Vössing, is planning to establish a festival in Greven on the banks of the river Ems on the weekend of whitsunday 2009, to revive the spirit of Neusüdende.

Greven is conveniently located between the cities of Münster and Osnabrück in North Rhine Westphalia, in a region called Münsterland, close to the Autobahn A1. The festival area is located next to the river Ems. It is planned to establish a camp ground with sanitation. Between the campground and the river is an area with outdoor stage and open-air restaurant.

It is planned to present Bluegrass and similar music on the outdoor stage during daytime. Aim is to give a forum for the ambitious musicians, the 'hard core' fans and the ordinary audience, who all will enjoy bluegrass music. The gastronomy next to the stage will take care of the hungry and thirsty ones. In the evening there will be a concert with several (more or less) well known bluegrass bands in a close by concert room. The festival is embedded in a series of events, called "Greven an die Ems", which is supported by the town of Greven and different sponsors. A website, " is under construction.

The association hopes, to arouse interest of Bluegrass bands, who like to show theis skills on the stage. Likewise the association hopes to get support from the people of Greven and get voluntary help. Sharing the festival idea is a first step to reach this aim.